The Barnacle's Revenge Campaign

Cracking the Rock

Session 24

The crew sailed to Tidewater Rock of Windward Isle. As they journeyed, Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop and Fae provided information about the history of Tidewater Rock and its current owner, Lady Agasta Smythee. Fishguts explained that the crew could take the Rock by force, stealth or diplomacy. The crew decided on a diplomatic route.

As the crew approached Windward Isle, they purposefully made efforts to present a non-threatening posture. When The Barnacle’s Revenge pulled into the lagoon of Windward Isle, they were soon greeted by Lady Smythee herself who wanted to know about their reasons for coming to Windward Isle.

Captain Teech Blackfyre told the lady that they were there to make an alliance with Tidewater Rock against [[:barnabas-harrigan | Barnabas Harrigan. Lady Smythee was interested in hearing more over dinner, but required a hostage to guarantee the good behavior of the five people who would negotiate the alliance. [[:tilly-brackett | Tilly Brackett]] was chosen to be the hostage.

While Tilly was searched for weapons and escorted to the tower, the negotiation party of Teech, Fae, Jheron, Solaruus Grakkor, and Xorlox cleaned themselves up for dinner. Royster McCleagh, the sergeant-at-arms for Tidewater Rock, came down to the ship to escort the negotiation party to dinner. While he escorted them into the tower he mentioned that Lady Smythee had rules of etiquette and that she would dismiss people from the meal if they failed to meet her expectations of decorum.

Royster escorted the party to the fourth floor of the tower to the feast hall where the table was laid with fine china at seven places. Lady Smythee sat at one end of the table, the party in the middle, and Royster at the other end. Four guards stood watch around the room.

Lady Smythee introduced herself and then asked for the crew to introduce themselves. Teech introduced herself as the Captain of the Revenge and Fae as the first mate. Jheron was introduced as ship’s surgeon, Xorlox as the master-at-arms and Solaruus as the ship’s helmsman. Lady Smythee was impressed with Teech, Fae and Jheron but less impressed with Solaruus and Xorlox.

During the first course, Xorlox used the tablecloth as a napkin and Teech spat on the floor, causing the lady to banish them from her presence. Over the next few courses, Fae entertained with stories of the crew’s prowess and their hatred for Captain Harrigan. At the end of the meal, she told the remaining Crew that she would think about their offer, and provide an answer the next morning.

Xorlox and Teech ate the rest of their meal with the guards. After he finished, Xorlox left the tower and shifted into a bird. Taking flight, he explored the island looking for other buildings, but found only a small goat shed instead. Meanwhile, Teech used her hat of disguise to transform into a guard to explore the tower. She managed to pass herself off as a new guard who journeyed to the island on the pirate vessels and explored most of the tower. To leave, she transformed into a young serving wench and talked her way past the guards at the door.

After the dinner, Fae, Jheron and Solaruus are joined by Tilly who talks about a fascinating man who visited her while she had dinner in a cell. He called himself Telemain and told Tilly tales of another land far away from the Shackles, where he worked with beings made of metal. She cannot remember the name he called it, but it was war-something Tilly says.

As everyone returns to the ship, they share their impressions of the inhabitants. Many believe something is going on and that the Lady Smythee is up to something. However, they all agree to wait until she makes her decision the next morning before taking additional actions.

The next morning, Royster brings a roll of parchment to the ship. The officers read it to discover that Lady Smythee is willing to enter into an alliance with the Crew if Jheron agrees to marry Lady Smythee following Shackles custom. After a few negotiations, the party agrees to Lady Smythee’s plan and the wedding occurs that evening. Lady Smythee introduces the Crew to the residents of Tidewater Rock, which includes Telemain d’Cannith, the crafter of the magical items Lady Smythee sells to keep the tower operating.

Earned 320 XP each



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