The Barnacle's Revenge Campaign

Downtime in Bloodcove

Session 21

Group puttered around in Bloodcove buying items and gearing up for departure from the port.

Met some new people in port:

  • Cassandra of the Crone’s Eye, an arcana shop in Free Trade Square. She had a conversation with Solaruus Grakkor, telling him he needed to accept his past with Lamashtu before he could move into his future. Also gave him a book written by a Sorcerer who had an aberrant past as well.
    *Florea of the Conclave of Bloodcove Badgers, head of the Druids in the area. She bartered with Xorlox for the creation of magical items.
    *Ty Le, a monk who was drinking at the Witchlight Inn. Teech Blackfyre took umbrage with Ty Le for his comment about her her poor attempt at gaining Infamy for the crew. This triggered a bar fight that forced Clyde, Devanor Ondovir, Fae and Rosie Cusswell to come to their aid. Rosie was taken down by 3 bar patrons, while Fae took on an enraged prostitute who took issue with Fae putting “her man” to sleep. At the end, Ty Le agreed to join the crew and



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