The Barnacle's Revenge Campaign

Entering the Sahaugin Tunnels

Session 28

2400 XP Earned

After a night of rest and recovery, the crew was treated to a spectacular show at sunrise. As the sun hit the cliffs of Mancatcher Cove, the shadows created the illusion of a grinning skull, with a flash of gold giving the impression that the skull had a golden tooth. The Crew had found the “Grave Lady’s prize tooth” mentioned in the verse on the treasurer map.

Teech Blackfyre, Fae, Xorlox and Narissa traveled up the cliff face to find the two cave “eyes” of the skull. Teech crept down the corridor of the right eye and detected a trap. Unfortunately, while trying to disarm the trap she accidentally set it off, sending her flying back to the tunnel entrance as a stake covered log punched her in the stomach.

Meanwhile, Xorlox squeezed through the entrance of the left eye, finding the roots of a large tree in the shape of a old man with an ancient beard. The half-elf druid had found the “Old King’s Hoard” from the verse. Fae healed the captain and then everyone joined Xorlox in his tunnel. They dug ten feet down and found a layer of wooden beams across the pit bottom. Xorlox tried to bash the beams, and slid 30 feet down into a underwater chamber. The Crew had found an entrance into the tunnels of Krelloort’s sahuagin tribe.

After taking several potions of underwater breathing, the party journeyed underwater and right into a sahuagin ambush. Alerted by the The Barnacle’s Revenge fight with the canopy creeper the night before, Krelloort had ordered guards to stake out the old entrance from Captain Wolfe’s former treasure hoard. After fighting their way through several underwater chambers, the crew came across a hatchery of locathah eggs. In the next chamber they found a locathah matriarch, whose legs had been savagely removed by the sahuagin to keep her penned up. After being freed, the matriarch collected her eggs in a sack. The matriarch asked for help escaping the sahuagin. The crew agreed but needed to find a way out first.

After shapeshifting into a jigsaw shark, Xorlox was able to scout out the next underground chamber, which turned out to be a feeding hall with three sahuagin warriors and eight sahuagin noncombatants (elderly, infirm or young) feasting on the remains of a lacathah rescue party send to save the captured locathah matriarch. While Teetch and Xorlox fought the warriors, Fae captured a disabled sahuagin named Gimpy who told her about some of the underwater caves.



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