The Barnacle's Revenge Campaign

Getting Buzzed While In Port

Session 15

Relaxing Days

After the encounter with the water naga, the crew spent 2 calm days at Rickety’s Squibs,while the The Barnacle’s Revenge was in port being worked on. Fae spent her time spreading tales of the Barnacles crew, while Teech Blackfyre attempted to recruit more crew for the ship. Clyde spent time getting to know some of the Barnacles crew, and Xorlox helped out the local druid, Steward Chandra Bristlewick, with creating water for the wells of the port. Jheron spent his time with Rickety Hake, learning about carpentry, and Solaruus Grakkor disappeared with Sandra Quinn.

Buzzing good time

On the fifth day in port, the crew were talking about their plans for the day when, suddenly a swarm of giant wasps exited the jungle and begin attacking the village. The crew managed to defend themselves and get several villagers to safety before taking refuge in the Commons. They had just begun to relax when several villagers spotted Chandra carrying her injured apprentice out of the jungle, followed closely by several more giant wasps. The crew jumped in to save her and managed to drive away the remnants of the swarm.

Unexpected visitors

Concerned for their allies on the docks, the crew hurried down there to discover the Jheron along with Rickety Hake had managed to save most of the dock workers. They were just beginning to assess the damage when shouts rang out, that the Chelish navy had entered the cove. While Hake and most of his people ran for cover, the crew watched as a longboat pulled up to the docks, depositing several armed men.

After observing the trespassers, the crew determined they were not naval officers but other pirates, who had taken control of a Chelish ship. Teech and Fae approached the group and called out for parley. The leader of the group approached and identified himself as Merril Pegsworthy, a Free Captain come to have his new vessel squibbed. Pegsworthy said that since they had not received a signal to stay away from the cove, they assumed they could approach to conduct negotiations with Hake.

Captain Pegsworthy recognized the Man’s Promise and mentioned that Captain Harrigan was rumored to have sent his first mate to sell that vessel. Fae, sensing that Pegsworthy did not like Harrigan, said that they had reclaimed the vessel from Mr. Plugg. Pegsworthy said that he was glad to hear that Plugg and Master Scourge had finally been shown the same generosity and kindness they gave others.

Since by strict Shackles tradition, Pegsworthy had compromised the secrecy of the identity of the The Barnacle’s Revenge, the lives of he and his crew were at stake. Teech and Fae allowed him to leave without fighting. In response, Pegsworthy asked to be allowed to return in a few days for the rechristening ceremony. Since having a Free Captain christen a vessel is considered good luck in the Shackles, Teech agreed and Pegsworthy left with his men.

Boar-ed and ready for adventure

After Pegsworthy left, Hake approached to say he was thankful to the crew for peacfeully resolving the situation with Pegsworthy. He was concerned about his watchman, who usually would have prevented such an encounter from happening. He asked for the crew to travel along the treacherous trail to investigate the lookout tower on the other end of the cove. Teech, Fae, Clyde and Xorlox set out single file along the path, pinned in by sheer cliff and a 80 foot drop to jagged rocks.

While moving along the path, they came across 2 wild boars, who immediately attacked the party. Xorlox and Teech engaged the creatures in melee combat, while Fae provided support and Clyde summoned a divine weapon on Gorum. They made short work of the beasts and were able to move on to the watch tower. As they approached, a voice called out, “Shoo fly, don’t bother me!” and a large colorful parrot flapped down to circle the crew. It repeated its catch phrase and then flew back up to the watchtower. Fae and Clyde climbed up and found the dead body of the watchman, who apprently had been attacked by the wasps and died of an allergic reaction to the sting he received from the fight.

While searching the tower, the parrot took a liking to Teech and claimed her as his new owner. They also recovered his magical weapon, which along with the body and parrot, they returned to the village. Hake was grateful to have the body, so he allowed the crew to keep the weapon and told Teech that the parrot’s name was Rotgut.

Repairs and preparations

Over the next few days, Xorlox assisted Chandra in healing the injuried, while Clyde help to gather wood for repairs. Fae and Teech, now recognized as heroes to the villagers, were able to finish recruiting the rest of the crew they would need to sail out on the The Barnacles’ Revenge. Everyone was looking forward to the rechristening ceremony scheduled for the end of the week.

Session details:

1,267 xp for everyone
Gained 3 Infamy and Dispute points
Jheron- gain +1 bonus to craft(Shipbuilding) or Profession (shipbuilder)
Solaruus has cemented his relationship with Sandra
Teech gained a new pet, Rotgut the parrot
You now have enough crew to sail the ship without penalties



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