The Barnacle's Revenge Campaign

Lines Drawn in the Rigging- And Then Crossed!

Session 7

September 2013 session

The death of Narwhal had a polarizing effect on most of the non-officers, causing most of them to choose sides with either the party or Narwhal’s former companions. Captain Plugg seems to start taking a personal interest in the party and assigns them to permanent tasks on the ships, most of which are ill-suited to the character’s strengths. Teech is assigned to hoisting and lowering the sails, usually by herself. Fae is charged with hauling rope from one side of the ship to another. Jheron is offended to find himself assigned to deck swabbing and Solaruus is confused as to how he ended up as a message runner. Xorlox seems to be quite happy with his assignment to the bilges. After a mostly successful, if somewhat tiring day, spent toiling at their new tasks, the party tries to solidify their standing with the last few neutral crew members. Solaruus asks Tilly to talk to Barefoot Samms Toppins, which Tilly agrees to do.

The next day is spent on the same tasks, but Jheron manages to talk with Giffer Tibbs, finding out about her former life as a flower girl who was engaged to a merchant, until she had the misfortune of picking the wrong tavern to find a wedding singer. She was pressganged much like the party, but on a different ship. She got into a fight with another pirate on that ship, which is how she lost her eye.

Xorlox spent the day in the bilges with Fipps, the wannabe dwarf. After Fipps mentioned how Sly would cut off his face, Xorlox used his aggressive pleasantness to drive him batty, to the point where he was deemed unfit for duty the next day. Aretta, Jape and Sly all took offense to this and confronted Xorlox that night before dinner. Before leaving they hinted that something bad would happen the next day.

Meanwhile, Solaruus went looking for Tilly and was told by Rosie that she was taken below by Sandra, after she was beaten up by Jape and Shivika. Solaruus began to watch Jape closely for an opportunity to attack him.

While Teech went to sleep off the fatigue from her long day raising and lowering the sails, Jheron checked on his bow and was told by Jack Scrimshaw that it would be ready soon, but that he did not want anyone to find out about what he was doing, since tensions were mounting.

Fae talked with the Grok the quartermaster and was told that whatever was in the chest that Narwhal tried to open had gotten many people killed and would mostly likely lead to the deaths of others as well. Grok warned Fae not to count on the Captain for too much, as he was as likely to kill her himself if she got in his way.

Xorlox found Solaruus and mentioned the threat from Aretta and the others. While talking, he realized the half-orc appeared to be acting like a young hunter after his first big kill. Meanwhile, Fae stopped below decks and found Sandra treating Tilly. After assisting with tending to the beaten woman, Fae decided that it would be better if all of their allies stayed close as much as possible and headed up to get the rest of their allies to head to bed.

She runs into Xorlox, who warns her about the next day’s possible threat and Solaruus. She runs up on deck and runs into Rosie and Badger at the top of the stairs, in time to hear Solaruus talking with Jape, in what they guess to be orc. In fact, Solaruus was insulting Jape’s parents and his orcish pride, all while speaking in a conversational tone. Fae tried to get Solaruus to come below, stating that Tilly was asking for him. While Solaruus was deciding whether to go check on Tilly, his insults provoked Jape, who tried to charge Solaruus, but slipped in water and slid into the barrel of grog instead. Mr. Plugg, the officer on duty, ordered everyone below deck.

The next day, most of the officers seemed to be keeping an eye out for trouble and were trying to separate the rivals as much as possible. Even then, Jheron managed to provoke Shivikah with a comment about her slave work ethic, which got him time in the box. However, it was in the bilges where things came to a head. Scourge tried to confiscate Xorlox’s club before he went down to the bilges, but Xorlox managed to bluff him into thinking it was a cleaning implement. This saved his life as he realized his bilge-mates, Jape and Sly, both had hidden daggers on them.

Sly started the trouble, stating that they did not believe in the pirate code and that they would take care of troublemakers however they could. She threw a dagger, which Xorlox dodged while casting a spell on his club, while Jape took up position blocking the ladder up. Xorlox managed to knockout Sly with one well placed hit of his club, but had a harder time with Jape. After taking a couple minor cuts from Jape’s dagger, Xorlox managed to critically injury the half-orc. While running upstairs to find an officer to report the incident, Jape succumbed to his injuries and drowned in the fetid water of the bilges. Finding Grok, he returned down to the bilges with the quartermaster, who began to search the water for the code-breakers. While Xorlox tried to prolong the search for Sly, Grok acknowledged that she knew what he was doing and hoped that he had a good story ready for the captain.

OOC: Entire party made it to level 2.


Whoohoo! Finally a little love.


There is always love, it is just usually shown with sharp teeth and blood weapons. :)


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