The Barnacle's Revenge Campaign

Peering Through the Veil

Session 20

Fae, Teech Blackfyre and Xorlox met with Devanor at the Witchlight Inn after the fight with the naga. Because of their concerns about the disappearances, Devanor offered to look for information about the former innkeeper’s nephew, Mynafee Gorse, from his local contacts. Teech still did not trust Devanor, but Fae did not find a hidden motive, except to impress her. Fae and Xorlox stayed at the Inn to tell tails of the crew of the The Barnacle’s Revenge, in an effort to increase the crew’s infamy.

Bored the Inn, Teech went to Shaduk’s Ninepins to gather information. Learned about different things, including sightings of the ghost ship Deathknell and the Thresher, a ship belonging to Isabella “Inkskin” Locke but when she tried to get more information about attacks on pirate vessels by Cheliax patrols, she was spotted and caused an exodus from the gambling den.

While trying to sneak back to the Witchlight inn, she ran into Crimson Cogward and 3 others. Crimson wanted revenge for the death of Conchobar, so Teech challenged him to a duel. They fought, and were pretty evenly matched, quickly wounding each other, until Crimson lost his temper and flew at Teech knocking them both into the water. Teech surfaced away from the remaining guards and saw them retrieve something from water. Nearly dead on her feet, Teech hurried back to the ship for healing.

The next morning, Fae, Teech and Xorlox met with Devanor to discuss what he had learned. He explained that everyone had gone to ground in regards to the Aspis Consortium and that Mynafee Gorse had disappeared from his lodgings sometime the night before. Devanor explained that Petrune the current innkeeper had worked for Gorse’s uncle Minegul but had taken over the inn after he disappeared.

Teech said she wanted to look into Petrune more, so Devanor suggested they check out his office on the second floor of the Inn. Xorlox broke the door down and they began looking through Petrune personal things. In his personal office, they found a ledger that Fae determined was faked to conceal large sums of money being spent on something. In his rooms they found robes; black candles; and hidden in a secret compartment a key, spellbook and spell components.

Teech kicked in the door into the last compartment and found an altar with journal from Petrune, discussing how he developed his necromatic abilities and how he was using those abilities to serve Groteus. Devanor recognized the altar symbols as belonging to Groteus, God of the End Times and Devourer of Worlds.

Using key from secret compartment, unlocked door to stairs leading down beneath the Inn.
Among the lower roots, they ran into zombies before finding a secret entrance into the city sewers. Sewers lead to underground chamber where Petrune had zombie guards and set up altar to Groteus. During fight with zombies, Devanor reveals he is also a cleric of Cayden Cailean, god of alcohol, bravery and freedom.

The foursome fights through zombie guards only to be hit by a fireball from Petrune that knocked Devanor and Fae unconscious, and left Xorlox and Teech barely able to stand. Petrune revealed how ha had sacrificed slaves to Groteus then raised them as zombies to do his bidding. He thought Devanor’s god had sent him here to stop Petrune from summoning Groteus. Xorlox revived Devanor, and Teech took healing potions. Devanor healed the party, reviving Fae. Petrune fire magic missiles at the group, then summoned more zombies.

Xorlox cast Fog Cloud to provide cover the zombies, and shield the Crew from Petrune’s view. As the wounded group was trying desperately to heal themselves to confront the necromancer, they suddenly heard someone coming up the sewer tunnel to their rear. Fearing the worst, the group was surprised when it turned out Sandra had brought Jheron, Rosie, Owlbear, and Clyde plus Aspis Consortium mercenaries, all to save the party and kill Petrune.

The clerics healed the group, while Narissa and Xorlox went to attack the zombies in the fog. Teech drank a potion of invisibility, then sneaked through the fog using a wall to guide her towards Petrune. The clerics kill the rest of the zombies with channeled positive energy and Clyde, Jheron, Narissa, Sandra and Xorlox all run into the fog after Petrune. Devanor tells Fae that she had to choose her destiney to go into the fog or not, but his path led another direction. Fae decides to join the others and plunges through the fog as well.

Teech sneak attacks Petrune, piercing him through the back with her rapier, with Narissa and Xorlox joining her soon after. As the others came out of the fog to confront him, Petrune steps back towards the altar kills himself as a final sacrifice to reveal Golarion to Groteus. As his blood touched the altars, greenish blue energy tears open a rip in space, revealing the presence of Groteus. He energy unleashed creates a strong wind that blows away the fog and knocks any not by the altars down the sewer tunnel.

Groteus tries to enter the plane, but Sandra and Clyde channel energy to fight him off, but cannot do it alone. The rest of the remaining crew by the altar joins in and concentrates on closing the portal. They are successful but it leaves a mark on the group.

While recovering from fight, Sandra reveals about Kelim Esteban tracking down Fishguts because of Aspis Consortium captain being ransomed back to them, only captain was never hired by official Aspis Consortium. Turned out Petrune had killed his boss, Minegul Gorse and pretended to be him to conduct unapproved business as the Aspis Consortium, including the slave trade operations. Aspis Consortium rewards group for the death of Petrune.

1100 XP Awarded. Everyone is now level 5 and the Ascension of rest of group.



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