Conchobhar Shortstone

Gnome bard who had a rivalry with Fae


Press-ganged into service on the Wormwood at the same time as Fae, Hogarth, Jheron, Rosie Cusswell, Sandra Quinn, Solaruus Grakkor, Teech Blackfyre and Xorlox. Completed Mr. Plugg’s placement tests with Crimson, Rosie, Sandra and Xorlox. Was named a rigger.

Vied for the attentions of the Wormwood and Man’s Promise crews with Fae. Was best friends with Crimson Cogward and got along with Rosie Cusswell and Sandra Quinn. Convinced Crimson to throw in with PC’s mutiny after death of Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge. Traveled to Bonewrack Isle to look for Sandra and Rosie. Was caught by ghoul fever infested mosquitos while trying to sneak past them. Teech ordered Crimson to leave the gnome behind, thus dooming the bard to a grisly death.

Conchobhar Shortstone

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