Rickety Hake

Former pirate who now squibs ships for pirate lords


Old male human, bald on top of head and missing may teeth. Short, stoop-backed old man with a leathery, weather worn face; watery blue eyes; and a halo of frizzy white hair. He wears high quality, but plain clothes, and several necklaces and rings. In his left ear, he wears an earring made from an old gold coin with a skull face carved into it.


A retired buccaneer and former mate aboard the Bearded Whore under Free Captain Ella Gurnett (“Who fed the kracken at the battle of Nolis Point,” as Rickety is fond of saying.) Since then he took over the summer retreat of a Sargavan noble and established a small village around squibbing new ships. His expertise allows him to keep neutral from politics of the Shackles, and he has been known to back wanna be pirate lords, for a percentage of course.

Rickety Hake

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