The Barnacle's Revenge Campaign

Missing friends and letters of marque
Session 31

While traveling to Port Peril to attempt to resurrect Teech Blackfyre who died on Mancatcher Cove, the party is awakened by Clyde to the revelation that her body had disappeared in the middle of the night. All that was left behind was the sign of Groteus burned into the bier that held her body. They also found that her equipment had been taken as well. Concerned about these events, Fae ordered the crew to keep quiet about the death and disappearance of Teech, so as to not to arouse too much suspicion about the ship.

After arriving in Port Peril, the Crew sends a messenger to Kerdak Bonefist at Fort Hazard to petition to become Free Captains to be able to go after Barnabas Harrigan. The next morning, Tsadok Goldtooth, first mate to Bonefist, arrived at the docks to publicly announce their intent to join the Free Captains. He told them that because they were relative newcomers, the Crew must pass several tests to prove they are actually pirates and not just fancy jackets.

The first test is a climb into the rigging. Xorlox had to climb the main mast of the Stingray, another ship in dock, in a race against Haines Boyne, one of Tsadok;s crew. Using slippers of spider climbing, Xorlox quickly took the lead, while Fae sang a sea shanty to encourage him onward. Meanwhile, one of Boyne’s shipmates, “Bilgerat” Jacobi, tried to untie part of the rigging to knock Xorlox off the rigging. Fae spotted him and with Solaruus Grakkor confronted him just in time to stop the attempted sabotage, letting Xorlox finish well ahead of his competition.

The second test was a friendly game of cards between Fae and Tsadok. While Fae bluffed her way to win the game, Xorlox, disguised as a animal, caught the dealer cheating and exposed him. Fae ended up winning much to Tsadok’s displeasure.

The final test involved the officers repelling boarders from the The Barnacle’s Revenge. They faced off against Fishpork a male marsh giant that fights in many of the gladiator areans in Port Peril. However, despite throwing the crew off with a fog cloud spell, he was quickly overwhelmed by the magic of Solaruus and Xorlox, leading to their third and final victory.

Tsadok reluctantly announces that the Crew is deserving of becoming Free Captains and that Kerdak Bonefist will present them their letter of Marque at a feast that night. During the revelry, Kerdak requests the Crew tell a tale or two about their exploits. Fae tells many tells, while overcoming the distractions of several hecklers, gaining the crew infamy. Then Kerdak presents the Letters of Marque to the Crew.

The next day, Fae and Xorlox sells off their plunder and pay the crew while Solaruus travels to the Mystic Redoubt and meets Zokk Klun an eldritch knight who begins training him to become an eldritch knight.

That night, the crew retires to the Riptide Alehouse where all relax a little. While Fae gambles, Solaruus has a quiet evening with Sandra Quinn and Xorlox watches the crowd. Suddenly, he catches sight of a familiar face, “Caulky” Tarroon, former cabin girl on the Wormwood. Meanwhile, Pierce Jerrell, a Free Captain, starts to flirt with Fae. While Xorlox moves toward Caulky, he notices her putting something in the cup of another sailor. When he tries to intercept her, she stabs Xorlox with a dagger and runs toward the bar.

At the same time, some of the sailors realize someone has tampered with their drinks and throws a punch at the nearest person, but hits someone else instead, inciting a bar fight. Caulky tried to jump past a dwarf at the bar, but he attacks her and slows her down, while several pirates rush over to help her. Several pirates go after Captain Jerrell and another tries to steal Fae’s hard won money. Others go after Solaruus and Sandra, who finds them very capable of defending themselves. The dwarf and Xorlox chase Caulky into the kitchen, where they subdue her, while the others soon follow in an effort to escape the coming watch.

Booty and bodies
Session 30

Party level hits 7

After defeating Krelloort, the Crew travelled through a tunnel found underneath his throne, depositing them in a treasurer vault. Confronted with a iron-banded chest and a stone chest with a lead seal, the party had to choose which to open first. After some investigation, the party opened the iron-banded chest first, discovering several magical items and that the chest was a captain’s locker. Included in the items was a scroll of Floating Disk, which Solaruus Grakkor used to take the Captain’s Locker with you. After the rest of the party returned to the throne room, Teech opened the stone chest with the lead-seal and found a trap that she disabled.

After storing the stone throne in the captain’s locker, the group ventured back up to the top level to search the last passage in the upper portion of the underwater caves. The group was surprised to find the passage led to an above water cave where Isabella “Inkskin” Locke lived while held in captivity by Krelloort. They also found the cavern overgrown with vines bearing tiny violet flowers that filled the room with a cloying fragrance. When Teech moved further into the room, she was overcome by the soporific pollen and collapsed to the floor in a slumber.

Xorlox identified the vines as xtabays and knew they were dangerous to anyone who got too close to their pollen. To prevent himself from being overcome, the druid summoned fire elementals to defeat the plants. Solaruus tried to revive Teech, but was soon overcome himself when a xtabay moved too close and knocked the half-orc out. The closest xtabay dragged itself towards the unconscious pirates, and started to bury its roots into Teech to drain her lifeblood.

While his fire elementals burned through the xtabays at the back of the cavern, Xorlox created water to wake up his shipmates. Solaruus barely stirred from the water, but Teech woke up enough to cut through the roots digging into her, damaging but not killing the plant. Unfortunately, when another plan moved towards the fallen pirates, Teech succumbed to the soporific pollen again.

Soon, the fire elementals destroyed the plants and ruined much of the wooden furniture in the room. However, it did leave behind a wand of web hidden in the bed and a small coffer holding several potions of cure moderate wounds. Teech, Xorlox and Narissa drank the potions to heal their wounds, but Teech was still suffering the ill effects of the blood draining.

The party determined that the only exit must be hidden deeper in the sahaugain lair. After traveling back through the larder, Xorlox, shifted into the form of a water elemental, peeked into the next chamber. He found several sharks swimming around in what appeared to be a corral. He also felt drawn to a corner of passage opposite the sharks, where after some searching, the shapeshifter found a button. After reporting his findings to the Crew, Teech decided to check out the secret passage, thinking it was a hidden exit.

Teech swam down the passage and hit the button, opening a hidden passage. However, the opening of the passage alerted the sharks, who attacked the Crew. Despite being hampered by the water in the cavern, the Crew quickly finished off the sharks before moving into the secret passage. Teech, Xorlox and Fae all felt drawn toward the passage, which confused Solaruus who did not feel the same pull towards the fracture in the wall. Instead of an exit, it revealed a dead end, with only an old ship anchor inside. Further inspection revealed a skeleton entangled in chains and tied to the anchor. Teech felt drawn to a necklace around the skeleton’s neck that glowed with a familar sickly green light.

Teech approached the skeleton to search it for traps but as she got close to it, a sickly green light flashed in its eyes but it suddenly sprang to life and with unnatural strength broke the chains binding it. The undead creature grappled Teech, pulling her close to the decaying flesh of its face. Before the others could react, the ancient mariner opened its mouth and pushed the cold water that drowned it into the lungs of the half-elf Captain before releasing her and moving toward Xorlox.

As Solaruus tapped into the aberrant energies of his bloodline and struck out at the creature, it tried to grapple the druid’s water elemental form, to little effect. Narissa, seeing her master under attack, swam forward and began to grapple the mummy instead. Fae, hindered by the currents in the room, started to sing a rousing battle hymn to help her shipmates. While the others were occupied with the undead creature, Teech struggled to breath through the putrid water in her lungs, but failed to cough the water out before drowning.

When the crew managed to defeat the undead creature, they were barely alive, but were soon rescued by a raiding party led by Sandra Quinn. She tried to revive Teech but was unable to reverse the effects of the ancient mariner’s final kiss. With sad hearts, the Crew returned to the The Barnacle’s Revenge and make their way back to Tidewater Rock.

Krelloort's Revenge
Session 29

2,640 XP Earned

The crew continued their exploration of the sahuagin underwater tunnels. Leaving Gimpy and the rest of the sahuagin non-combatants in a room off of the feeding hall, the crew crept into the barracks area that Gimpy identified. Despite several sahuagin guards hiding in the seaweed in the barracks, Fae, Narissa, Solaruus, Teech, and Xorlox quickly clear out that room and the adjacent larder.

In his shark form, Xorlox crept into the next chamber, where he overheard a sahuagin woman crooning to a large group of sahuagin young. After reporting back to the others, the Crew charged into the room to confront the Matron. She called them pitiful pinklings, and told Solaruus that the whelp of the Mother of Monsters. Enraged, Solaruus unleashed a barrage of otherwordly energies on the woman, killing her. She fought hard, but was quickly overwhelmed by the Crew. As the Matron’s body floated to the floor, the sahuagin fingerlings and fry began to eat her. The Crew was so grossed out, that Fae killed all of them with a sound burst.

The Crew decided to head up to the “chamber forbidden to spineless sahuagin scum” in the hopes that it will lead to Krelloort’s throne room. However, the next room appeared to be the abandoned quarters of Krelloort’s dead son. The room was guarded by the great hammerhead shark that the son had raised, who tried to kill all intruders. Teech attempted to disguise herself as the son to fool the shark, but it tried to eat the Captain instead. The Crew made short work of the shark and moved on to the next chamber.

In that chamber Krelloort greeted them as the killers of his son and told them that he and his concubines would kill them and then conquer the The Barnacle’s Revenge. Fae ordered Xorlox to charge the sahuagin chief, but Krelloort and his lovers, were prepared for the attack and tore into the druid with their tridents. Krelloort’s trident even caused the area around it’s wound to calcify into coral.

Within minutes, the sahuagin had cut down Xorlox and turned their attentions to the other Crew. The crew fought hard, but Krelloort not only broke free of Narissa’s grapple but also knocked her out. However, the combined efforts of Fae, Solaruus and Teech took out the concubines and eventually felled Krelloort.

After reviving the druid and his companion, they searched the throne room and the adjoining bedchambers. The 8,000 pound stone throne caught their attention and after analyzing it with spells determined that it was cursed and would cause anyone of weak will who sat in the throne to be overcome by a lust for empire building. They also found a secret passage underneath the throne, possibly leading to the treasure hoard of the now deceased sahuagin emperor.

Entering the Sahaugin Tunnels
Session 28

2400 XP Earned

After a night of rest and recovery, the crew was treated to a spectacular show at sunrise. As the sun hit the cliffs of Mancatcher Cove, the shadows created the illusion of a grinning skull, with a flash of gold giving the impression that the skull had a golden tooth. The Crew had found the “Grave Lady’s prize tooth” mentioned in the verse on the treasurer map.

Teech Blackfyre, Fae, Xorlox and Narissa traveled up the cliff face to find the two cave “eyes” of the skull. Teech crept down the corridor of the right eye and detected a trap. Unfortunately, while trying to disarm the trap she accidentally set it off, sending her flying back to the tunnel entrance as a stake covered log punched her in the stomach.

Meanwhile, Xorlox squeezed through the entrance of the left eye, finding the roots of a large tree in the shape of a old man with an ancient beard. The half-elf druid had found the “Old King’s Hoard” from the verse. Fae healed the captain and then everyone joined Xorlox in his tunnel. They dug ten feet down and found a layer of wooden beams across the pit bottom. Xorlox tried to bash the beams, and slid 30 feet down into a underwater chamber. The Crew had found an entrance into the tunnels of Krelloort’s sahuagin tribe.

After taking several potions of underwater breathing, the party journeyed underwater and right into a sahuagin ambush. Alerted by the The Barnacle’s Revenge fight with the canopy creeper the night before, Krelloort had ordered guards to stake out the old entrance from Captain Wolfe’s former treasure hoard. After fighting their way through several underwater chambers, the crew came across a hatchery of locathah eggs. In the next chamber they found a locathah matriarch, whose legs had been savagely removed by the sahuagin to keep her penned up. After being freed, the matriarch collected her eggs in a sack. The matriarch asked for help escaping the sahuagin. The crew agreed but needed to find a way out first.

After shapeshifting into a jigsaw shark, Xorlox was able to scout out the next underground chamber, which turned out to be a feeding hall with three sahuagin warriors and eight sahuagin noncombatants (elderly, infirm or young) feasting on the remains of a lacathah rescue party send to save the captured locathah matriarch. While Teetch and Xorlox fought the warriors, Fae captured a disabled sahuagin named Gimpy who told her about some of the underwater caves.

Welcome to Mancatcher Cove
Session 27

2280 XP

Recovered from the attack on Tidewater Rock of Windward Isle. Deciphered the map from Isabelle Locke’s body and determined that it lead to Mancatcher Cove. After a week of travel, The Barnacle’s Revenge sailed into the blue waters of Mancather Cove just as twilight descended.

The Cove was surrounded by steep cliff walls, leading to a jungle covered isle. The ancient jungle trees and vines have grown so large as to span the hundreds of feet of the cove, creating a canopy of foliage that ran over the top of the ship.

Captain Teech, First Mate Fae, Ship’s Surgeon Jheron, and Armsmaster Xorlox heard something coming from the tiller. Xorlox jumped into the water and turned into a shark to investigate, while the other gathered at the rear of the ship to keep an eye out. Xorlox found several sahaugin sabotaging the tiller while their hammerhead shark mounts served as guards. The sharks attacked Xorlox and the crew quickly joined combat.

While concentrating on the attackers in the water, the crew was caught by surprise when a canopy creeper started grappling crew by the front of the ship. Those on the ship quickly turned to this new attacker. After employing the ballista, many spells, arrows and bolts, the crew managed to kill the plant attacker, while Xorlox protected the tiller from further attacks.

As deep night settled on Mancatcher Cove, the crew started to tend to their wounds and wondered if they would make it to morning, when they could start their hunt for the treasure indicated on the map.

Holding the Rock
Session 26

Captain Isabelle Locke and her crew from the Thresher attacked Tidewater Rock of Windward Isle. Two row boats full of pirates were prevented from entering the keep by a quick spell from Xorlox that sealed off the entrance to the keep while Jheron directed the island’s defenders to fire at the attacking ship.

Captain Locke turned out to be a spellcaster of some skill, when she turned herself invisible and flew to the top of the keep to attack the defenders directly. After neutralizing Telemain d’Cannith, she blasted the other defenders with lightning bolts and other magic attacks. Teech and Solaruus were able to take her out, allowing them to discover a map tattooed to the back of the female pirate captain.

Manticore's Roar
Session 25

A few days after Jheron and Agasta Smythee were married, Captain Teech Blackfyre, First Mate Fae and Xorlox tried out the farglass that the Lady of Tidewater Rock gave as a dowry to her new elven husband. Teech did not have any luck with using the farglass, but Xorlox was able to see a Rahadoumi schooner a half day’s journey from Windward Isle. He noticed a few marines and a large cage on the upper deck.

Leaving Jheron to get acquainted with his new wife, the rest of the Crew boarded the The Barnacle’s Revenge to head after the merchant vessel. To surprise the Rahadoumi, Xorlox created a fog in front of the Revenge. Then the druid turned into an eagle and flew above the pirate ship, preparing to cast a spell while Teech ordered the crew to ready the catapults. When they were close enough to the other ship, Xorlox created a fog cloud on the other ship’s deck.

The crew opened the cage releasing a manticore into the air. The crew fought the manticore and defeated the crew of the vessel.

Cracking the Rock
Session 24

The crew sailed to Tidewater Rock of Windward Isle. As they journeyed, Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop and Fae provided information about the history of Tidewater Rock and its current owner, Lady Agasta Smythee. Fishguts explained that the crew could take the Rock by force, stealth or diplomacy. The crew decided on a diplomatic route.

As the crew approached Windward Isle, they purposefully made efforts to present a non-threatening posture. When The Barnacle’s Revenge pulled into the lagoon of Windward Isle, they were soon greeted by Lady Smythee herself who wanted to know about their reasons for coming to Windward Isle.

Captain Teech Blackfyre told the lady that they were there to make an alliance with Tidewater Rock against [[:barnabas-harrigan | Barnabas Harrigan. Lady Smythee was interested in hearing more over dinner, but required a hostage to guarantee the good behavior of the five people who would negotiate the alliance. [[:tilly-brackett | Tilly Brackett]] was chosen to be the hostage.

While Tilly was searched for weapons and escorted to the tower, the negotiation party of Teech, Fae, Jheron, Solaruus Grakkor, and Xorlox cleaned themselves up for dinner. Royster McCleagh, the sergeant-at-arms for Tidewater Rock, came down to the ship to escort the negotiation party to dinner. While he escorted them into the tower he mentioned that Lady Smythee had rules of etiquette and that she would dismiss people from the meal if they failed to meet her expectations of decorum.

Royster escorted the party to the fourth floor of the tower to the feast hall where the table was laid with fine china at seven places. Lady Smythee sat at one end of the table, the party in the middle, and Royster at the other end. Four guards stood watch around the room.

Lady Smythee introduced herself and then asked for the crew to introduce themselves. Teech introduced herself as the Captain of the Revenge and Fae as the first mate. Jheron was introduced as ship’s surgeon, Xorlox as the master-at-arms and Solaruus as the ship’s helmsman. Lady Smythee was impressed with Teech, Fae and Jheron but less impressed with Solaruus and Xorlox.

During the first course, Xorlox used the tablecloth as a napkin and Teech spat on the floor, causing the lady to banish them from her presence. Over the next few courses, Fae entertained with stories of the crew’s prowess and their hatred for Captain Harrigan. At the end of the meal, she told the remaining Crew that she would think about their offer, and provide an answer the next morning.

Xorlox and Teech ate the rest of their meal with the guards. After he finished, Xorlox left the tower and shifted into a bird. Taking flight, he explored the island looking for other buildings, but found only a small goat shed instead. Meanwhile, Teech used her hat of disguise to transform into a guard to explore the tower. She managed to pass herself off as a new guard who journeyed to the island on the pirate vessels and explored most of the tower. To leave, she transformed into a young serving wench and talked her way past the guards at the door.

After the dinner, Fae, Jheron and Solaruus are joined by Tilly who talks about a fascinating man who visited her while she had dinner in a cell. He called himself Telemain and told Tilly tales of another land far away from the Shackles, where he worked with beings made of metal. She cannot remember the name he called it, but it was war-something Tilly says.

As everyone returns to the ship, they share their impressions of the inhabitants. Many believe something is going on and that the Lady Smythee is up to something. However, they all agree to wait until she makes her decision the next morning before taking additional actions.

The next morning, Royster brings a roll of parchment to the ship. The officers read it to discover that Lady Smythee is willing to enter into an alliance with the Crew if Jheron agrees to marry Lady Smythee following Shackles custom. After a few negotiations, the party agrees to Lady Smythee’s plan and the wedding occurs that evening. Lady Smythee introduces the Crew to the residents of Tidewater Rock, which includes Telemain d’Cannith, the crafter of the magical items Lady Smythee sells to keep the tower operating.

Earned 320 XP each

The Dominating Barnacles
Session 23

To replenish the ship’s repaired water tank, the The Barnacle’s Revenge set out for a nearby island with a known fresh water spring at its center. Upon arriving at the island, the narrow Revenge easily navigated up a river and further inland. Upon reaching a narrowed delta at the mouth of the river, Captain Teech Blackfyre sent First Mate Fae to lead an expedition to retrieve the needed water. Fae took Jheron, Owlbear Hartshorn, Rosie Cusswell, Solaruus Grakkor, and Xorlox. The group easily maneuvered up a river to the water source and returned to the ship without incident.

However, on returning to the ship, they noticed birds retreating towards the center of the island, fleeing something that had entered the same cove the Revenge had left earlier that day. Xorlox turned himself into a parrot and flew towards the cove to find the cause of the birds’ distress. He found a massive four-masted Chelish warship called the Dominator had anchored in the cove, apparently seeking a safe harbor to dock for the approaching night.

After Xorlox reported the situation, Teech suggested they try to take the ship, but Xorlox convinced her this was a bad idea based on the number of Chelish marines he had seen onbaord. Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop provided another option. He explained how he and several other pirates had rowed up to a similiar man-o’-war and disabled the tiller by cutting the rope that moves it. It was agreed this was the best option, so Teech ordered Fae to leading the attack on the Dominator.

Fae, Jheron, Narissa, Sandra Quinn, Solaruus, and Xorlox quietly rowed the ship’s cutter up to the Dominator. Fae used her magic to send a rope up to the outcropping next to the windows of the tiller cabin and tie itself off. Jheron climbed up the rope and peaked in, just as the ship’s boatswain led a security patrol through the room. Hanging next to a window, Jheron had no where to hide when a marine came to check that the window was secured. The marine alerted the other 2 Chelish guards, however, with his quick wits, Jheron quickly pulled the surprised marine out the window, causing him to land in water next to the partiy’s boat.

Jheron proceeded to swing himself into the room, and launched arrows at the boatswain, who identified himself as Commander Kyan Kain. Fae, scurrying up the rope behind Jheron, ordered him to fire again, causing Commander Kain to challenge her before sounding the alarm. Xorlox and Narissa rushed to climb the rope to the tiller room, while Solaruus coldly caused the swimming Chelish marine to fall asleep and drown. Sandra pulled a grappling hook and rope out of her bag and quickly ascended to a second window, only to watch it be blocked by the addition of more guards.

As Jheron moved to block one of the tiller room doors, marines poured out of both entrances and began attacking him and moving to flank Fae while Commander Kain pulled a glowing battleaxe out and struck at Fae. Fae fought back with her own crossbow and hit Kain. Meanwhile, Solaruus summoned a fire bettle into the battle, which took the attention of some of the guards so they attacked it instead of Jheron. Xorlox climbed through the window, but Narissa got halfway in because of the crowd already in the room. Sandra kicked open the window in front of her and summoned a surge of water to knock Commander Kain back into the complex system of ropes and pulleys that controlled the tiller.

While Kain was tangled in the ropes, Jheron hit him again. Fae drank a potion of healing as marines started to target Solaruus from the upper deck . He fired back with magic missiles, killing one of the enemy bowmen. Xorlox and Narissa entered the combat, killing a marine. Seeing the room be overran with more marines, Sandra cast a spell that knocked out the marines, freeing the Crew up long enough to kill Kain and slice the rope keeping the tiller working.

While evacuating the Dominator, the Crew came under fire, and one marine tried to board the skiff. Solaruus shocked everyone by killing the wounded marine with a single spell. Soon the Crew cleared the Dominators’s bowmen and returned to the Revenge. Teech ordered the ship to depart after the others returned, and using the cover of a fog cloud, the ship quickly made it’s escape from the island their Chelish enemies.

A few days later, the Revenge came across a Sargavan galleon under attack by another pirate vessel, the Devil’s Pallor. Fishguts recognized the ship as belonging to the notorious slaver Captain Gortus Svard. The crew decided to reclaim the galleon from Svard and to take his ship as their own. With some expert maneuvering, Solaruus managed to use a feint to get in close to the pirate vessel.

While Teech manned the Revenge, the rest of the officers quickly attacked Svard, under the impression that Svard’s crew will surrender if their captain is captured or dead. After precision shots from Jheron’s bow, a geyser of air throwing him into the air that was summoned by Xorlox, and deadly magic missiles fired by Solaruus, Svard was dead before he or his crew could react. The Squallor’s crew quickly surrendered. After looting the plunder from the merchant vessel, Teech evenly split the Squallor’s crew with the crew of the Revenge and then took command of the Squallor with Rosie Cusswell as his first mate, and Clyde, Jack Scrimshaw and Ty Le filling in as the rest of the officers. Then both ships set sail for Tidewater Rock.

Plunder: Gained 2 points from Sargavan galley

Downtime in Bloodcove
Session 21

Group puttered around in Bloodcove buying items and gearing up for departure from the port.

Met some new people in port:

  • Cassandra of the Crone’s Eye, an arcana shop in Free Trade Square. She had a conversation with Solaruus Grakkor, telling him he needed to accept his past with Lamashtu before he could move into his future. Also gave him a book written by a Sorcerer who had an aberrant past as well.
    *Florea of the Conclave of Bloodcove Badgers, head of the Druids in the area. She bartered with Xorlox for the creation of magical items.
    *Ty Le, a monk who was drinking at the Witchlight Inn. Teech Blackfyre took umbrage with Ty Le for his comment about her her poor attempt at gaining Infamy for the crew. This triggered a bar fight that forced Clyde, Devanor Ondovir, Fae and Rosie Cusswell to come to their aid. Rosie was taken down by 3 bar patrons, while Fae took on an enraged prostitute who took issue with Fae putting “her man” to sleep. At the end, Ty Le agreed to join the crew and

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