The Barnacle's Revenge Campaign

Squibs, Brawls and Nagas, Oh My!
Session 14

Lacking sufficient crew, it took the Man’s Promise 4 days to reach the Slithering Coast and Rickety’s Squibs estuary. Teech Blackfyre and Fae showed the Rickety Hake around the ship. He said it would take 2,000 gp and 8 days to complete the squibbing of the Man’s Promise into the The Barnacle’s Revenge. By selling all the ship’s Plunder, as well as most of the other treasure on the ship, plus Teech and Fae throwing in their own personal money into the deal, Hake was paid his money. He also offered to install a hidden compartment on the ship for an additional 500 gp. When the officers couldn’t pay for it, Hake offered to front the ship a loan for the compartment, with 50% interest due as shares of the ship’s haul, until the debt was paid. The officers agreed and the ship was towed into port for work to begin.

The crew were taken to the Commons, the local inn, where they were provided rooms for free but told they had to pay for their food, drinks and other supplies. Fae made friends with Chandra Bristlewick, the local druid, who told her about the drought they had been experiencing for several months, and how it had caused tensions between the village and the local naga population. Chandra had also been creating water to provide to the village farmers. Meanwhile, Teech had wandered over to a boisterous crowd centered on a human man named Clyde, who turned out to be a shipwrecked cleric of Gorum, who was saved by the village supply ship. Teech challenged Clyde to an arm wrestling contest, and when it was a draw, they began talking about Clyde’s future and came to terms for Clyde to join the ship’s crew. Solaruus Grakkor had wandered off with Sandra Quinn, while Jheron was touring the craftsman shops with Hake.

As afternoon turned to evening, Fae began to tell stories of the crews battles with the undead on Bonewrack Isle while Teech recruited some additional crew. Xorlox was enjoying a drink with Narissa, and most of the other crew had gone to bed. A drunk began bothering Clyde, who responded by shoving the man away. When the drunk fell into a table of his friends, all four of them jumped up to attack Clyde. Fae jumped off the stage to help out but missed her target, while Teech ordered the 3 new crew members to help out Clyde. With Fae and the new crew involved in the fight, a few other bystanders decided to jump in to help out the locals, forcing Xorlox and Teech to join the fray. After a few minutes, all the attackers had either been beaten unconscious or surrendered to the crew. The staff thanked the crew for not damaging any of the Common’s property. Fae gave money for the locals to pay for drinks on them, and then paid gold for the new crew. Clyde was told he would be serving in the bilges, once the ship left port.

The next morning, the crew received invitations from some of the locals, to join them for a game of nine pin, in thanks for not damaging the inn. After arriving at the dock, though, one of the locals was injuried and another knocked into the water, when a naga attacked. Apparently, driven mad by “drought rage,” the naga was lashing out at the village for taking her water. Xorlox tried to negotiate with the creature but it attacked him instead. While Fae and Clyde dried to rescue the local, Xorlox, Narissa and Teech engaged the creature. With the local rescued, Fae rushed to join the melee, while Clyde summoned a spiritual greatsword to attack the create from the water.

After a few tense moments of attack and counterattack, the naga dove back into the water where it was ultimately killed. Shortly after that, Hake arrived to thank the Crew for saving his men. To repay their bravery, he added a second hidden compartment to the Revenge for free.

A Queen and her Whale
Session 13

The party entered the central cave of the Rip Tide Cove and were confronted by the Brinebrood Queen of the grindylows and her abnormally large sized son, the Whale. They had been feeding off Rosie and Sandra and had them hanging from the ceiling of the large pool like chamber with silver ingots tied to their arms and legs. As the party entered, the Brinebrood Queen told them that their companions would be punished for the “fleshlings invading her domain” and then cut the bonds holding their missing companions, forcing them into the water to drown.

Xorlox, Solaruusand Jheron, who were standing on the edge of the cave floor right beside water, were attacked by the Whale, who tried to eat Solaruus, but missed. Solaruus used his half-orc strength to jump over the Whale and land in the water behind the large grindylow. He swam towards Sandra and Rosie to rescue the drowning pirates. The Brinebrood Queen pulled out a wand and summoned an octopus revealing her to be a spellcaster of some kind. While Xorlox enchanted his mace and Jheron pulled out his box, Teech leapt onto the back of the Whale and began slashing at it. Fae moved up to starting hindering the monster from the front. Crimson moved up from the rear to fire at the Queen, but missed. Rosie and Sandra both sank down in the water.

Jheron fired a shot at the Queen, managing to bypass her defensive spells, but made himself the target of the Whale’s rage. With one gulp of his large mouth, the Grindylow abomination swallowed Jheron whole. Solaruus dove under water and managed to free Sandra’s hands. But then he was grappled by the octopus at the Queen’s command. Having finished his enchantment to his mace, Xorlox used the hardened wood to hit the Whale on the nose, dislodging Jheron’s body from the aberration’s mouth. Teech took advantage of the creature’s pain to continuing slashing at its back. Fae and Crimson both tried to help but to failed to hit. Sandra tried to free herself from her leg shackles but could not cut through the tight sinew and seaweed bonding her to the silver weights. Rosie continued to drown as her body was carried along on the tide pool currents, running into the Octopus who was startled into letting go of Solaruus.

While Jheron’s bleeding body began to drift under water, the Whale flung himself backward against the wall of the cave, causing damage to Teech but not knocking him off. Solaruus grabbed hold of Rosie, swam down to Sandra’s legs and released her bonds. The Queen then turned her attention to Teech by throwing her harpoon at the half-elf, sinking the weapon deep into her body and telling her to get off her son. Then to everyone’s surprise, the harpoon slid back out of the pirate’s body and back into the hands of the Queen. Xorlox dove into the pool and landed a final blow on the Whale, killing it with a mighty blow. Teech manged to leap off the back of the dead grindylow and then swam towards the Queen. She was shocked when her rapier failed to pierce the creature’s toughened skin. Fae jumped in after Jheron, pulling him out of the water and using a healing scroll on him. Crimson fired at the octopus but missed. Sandra casting a healing spell on Rosie and then helped to free her from her bonds.

Jheron, now conscious but still badly injured, was dismayed to find his bow had remained in the body of the Whale and pulled a dagger out to fight with. Solaruus cut the last of the bonds off Rosie’s body then returned to the surface to breath in air. The Queen moved in close to Teech and impaled the half-elf on her harpoon, claiming vengeance for her son’s death. Removing the weapon from the dying pirate, the Queen jetted across the pool and exploded out of the water to land next to Crimson. She knocked the surprised pirate into the pool and made her escape. Xorlox rescued the dying Teech and her weapons, then Sandra managed to stabilize her wounds.

After searching through the chamber, the group made their way out of the caves to find a dingy from the ship had made its way around the island to pick them up. They returned to the ship to heal their wounds, then made a last foray onto the island to collect those items that were too large to carry with them across the island. Then the crew set sail for Rickety Squibs, to modify the Man’s Promise to become their new pirate vessel.

Teech is elected Captain of the new pirate crew, with Fae as her first mate. Solaruus becomes the Ship’s Navigator, Xorlox the Master at Arms, Jheron the Ship’s Surgeon. Fishguts remains as the ship’s cook.

This is the story of some ghouls

Session 12

Moving further through the swamp, the party comes across a large tent nestled among some tents. Teech and Jheron move closer to investigate, slicing holes in the side of the tent in an attempt to be stealthy. Teech manages her section quietly without attracting too much attention, but as soon as Jheron sliced open a hole in the tent, he was pulled through the hole and into the tent.

The party managed to defeat the ghouls and moved on from the swamp to a sandy beach. While traveling along the beach the group had to survive attacks from several giant crabs. The beach lead to a path that cut up the steep mountain side to a stockade that overlooked the entire island.

After fending off a couple of vine chokers, the group explored the stockade further, finding a spyglass affixed to the wall of the stockade that looked down at the cove where the grindlylows had taken the missing pirates. At the back of the stockade, the party found what appeared to be a small room containing the remains of a dead man hanging from the ceiling and a journal. When Teech picked up the journal, the body moved and revealed itself to be a ghast. Using Jheron as a stepping stool, the ghast freed itself from the roof and attacked the party. With the help of all the party, the ghast was defeated.

The journal described the life of Arron Ivy, the surviving crew member of the Infernus, a Chelish scout ship whose mage captain used ghouls as shock troops in battle. The Infernus crashed into the reef across from Rip Tide Cove and between the ghouls escaping their bonds to attack their captors and the grindylows attacking the fleshlings who invaded their cove, most of the crew died.

A few managed to make it to shore, including the three ship’s whores and Arron Ivy, the ship’s quartermaster. Unfortunately, the mosquitos on the island transformed after feeding off the escaped ghouls, turning them into carriers of ghoul fever. The mosquitos were attracted to the perfume of the ship’s whore’s infecting them with ghoul fever. When they died of the disease all 3 whores rose again as ghouls, feeding on most of the surviving crew. Arron Ivy, managed to gather a few sailors and build a stockade to keep the ghouls out. However, over time all of the survivors succumbed to ghoul fever and were either killed by their living companions or escaped to roam the island. Arron Ivy, infected with ghoul fever and the only survivor left, attempted to hang himself but failed to kill himself instantly. Thus, he died from the fever and rose as a ghast.

Using the information fro the journal, the party found a healing spring on the island and a secret route down to Rip Tide Cove. Entering the cove, they fought of grindylows, lacedon (water ghouls) and a devilfish, without finding any sign of their missing companions.

That Sinking Sensation
Session 11

A sinking feeling
The group continued moving across the island, intent on rescuing their shipmates and finding water and food to replenish the ship supplies. They entered a swamp but kept moving along the path from the abandoned fishing village. That path led them to patch of quicksand 70 feet across, with the remnants of a bridge that had long ago been reclaimed by the island.

After taking stock of the situation, Teech Blackfyre deftly climbed up a tree and attached a rope to a branch hanging over the innocuous looking sand. After securing her rope, she used it to jump down from the branch in an attempt to cross this obstacle blocking their path to the grindlyglows’ home. Just as she was about to make it across, two giant frogs revealed themselves in the quicksand and attempted to catch her with their large tongues. Narrowly missing one, Teech thought she was in the clear but was jarred when the second one grabbed her around her leg, causing her to loose her grip on the rope and fall into the quicksand.

Jheron immediately loosed an arrow at Teech’s amphibian captor, while Fae and Solaruus Grakkor used the rope to reach the opposite side of the quicksand and be closer help for their comrade. Xorlox tried to follow but lost he too lost his grip on the rope and fell through the brittle boards that remained from the bridge that once spanned this ancient river. The second frog took advantage of his fall to grab him up with its tongue.

Conchobhar and Crimson joined Fae and Solaruus while Teech tried to gather a rope tied around her waist to throw it to the rescuers on the solid ground. The rope fell short of the shore and Teech’s captor, slowly retracted its tongue, bringing the pirate closer to its maw of razor sharp teeth.

Jheron fired another arrow that grazed the head of Teech’s frog, while Fae picked up a fist sized rock and threw it at her captor. Suddenly the temperature on Fae’s left dropped and she looked over just in time to see Solaruus breath into his hands and gasped as it turned into a ray of ice that hit the same frog. As the temperature returned to normal, he turned around without any harm and moved towards the trees to find a large branch to use to pull their comrades back to safety.

Meanwhile, Xorlox attempted to free himself from the grasp of his frog’s tongue but was unable to find any leverage from the slimy saliva of the giant creature. While he struggled he noticed something moving through the quicksand towards them and called out a warning. Crimson and Conchobhar both fired their bows at the frog holding Xorlox, which only towed the druid closer toward its mouth.

Teech pulled out her cutlass and slashed at her captor by failed to hit it as he began to chew on her leg. Jheron, still stranded on the other side of the quicksand from the party while the rope hung loose in the middle of the liquified sand, began to leap from piling to piling, stopping on one to loose a shot from his bow that severed the tongue from the frog holding Teech. The creature’s death throes tossed the half-elf back towards the shore where Fae was able to roll her out of the tongue and onto solid ground.

Solaruus, returning with a branch, saw that Teech was safe and moved closer to assist Xorlox. At that moment, the druid was astonished to see a snake fly out of the water and attack the frog grappling him with its tongue, and was even more surprised to see the frog release him from its grasp. Taking advantage of his fortune, Xorlox began to swim back to shore in serpentine movements he had seen the snake use.

Once Xorlox was clear of the frog, Conchobhar and Crimson killed it with two well placed arrows. Unfortunately, the frog knocked the snake 20 feet on to dry land with its death throes. Xorlox was able to tend to it and realized it was only stunned. He fed the animal and became its friend. Fae asked Solaruus about the temperature change but was told that he did not talk about those things.

Leaving the quicksand behind them, the party moved further along the path into the swamp. As they were crossing an especially dense area of the swamp, they stopped at the sounds of a large number of bugs in a tree ahead. After a quick conversation, it was decided to try and sneak through the area and hopefully avoid another encounter. Unfortunately, Fae tripped on a vine and crashed into a muddy puddle of water, attracting the attention of a swarm of mosquitoes which attacked Jheron. Teech called out for everyone to run.

Jheron, cover with bleeding bites from hundreds of the blood sucking insects and infected him with ghoul fever, darted down the path, followed by Fae, Xorlox, and Crimson. The bugs, high with lust for the flesh and blood beings in front of them, swarmed over Fae next and covered too with bleeding wounds. Solaruus rushed by and dragged her out of the swarm and down the path, followed by Teech. Conchobhar, realizing he could not keep up with his longer legged companions, attempted to sneak through the dense swamp brush.

Jheron tried to move further down the path but fell unconscious from his excessive wounds, dropping to the ground in an expanding puddle of blood. Solaruus had no time to help the ranger though, as Fae too fell unconscious from her extensive wounds, forcing him to continue to drag her to safety. Xorlox moved to help the Elven archer but was trying to not move too far away from his new serpent friend, so Crimson reached him first and dragged him further down the path away from the blood sucking insects.

The swarm however was more enticed with the slower moving flesh and blood behind it, and enveloped the Gnome bard trying to sneak by it. Teech realizing they had no weapons to stop the insects decided to leave the Gnome to his fate, since anyone who tried to save him would probably only end up consumed as well. She shouted for everyone to keep moving and handed Solaruus a healing potion to give to Fae.

Being dragged down the path caused one of Jheron’s potions of health to break open and be absorbed into him, healing some of his injuries and stopping his bleeding. Xorlox reached the Elf in time to help him to his feet and moved down the path and across a large, shallow puddle of water that covered the entire width of the path. As the others joined them at this zone of safety they watched the insects return to feed off the fallen Gnome’s body. Teech ordered everyone to move on down the path and made a comment about the Gnome being responsible for his own fate.

Confrontation with Crimson
Crimson told them that he had not wanted to come on this rescue mission because he thought he would be used as cannon fodder for the new officers but that Conchobhar had convinced him to come by saying the new officers had taken care of their allies and would do the same for them. Apparently the Gnome had been mistaken because Teech had no problem leaving him behind while Crimson saved one of Teech’s friends. Teech responded that friendship was loosely defined and that Conchobhar got what he deserved. Fae interrupted to say that they needed to focus on saving the living then approached Crimson to give her condolences for Conchobhar’s death. Crimson replied that he only wanted to make it off this island alive and that he would remember what Teech had said.

PCs earned 320 xp.

Good G-reef!
Session 10

In the aftermath of the mutiny, the group takes charge of the remaining pirates. Teech is assigned as Captain, Fae as acting Boatswain, Solar as Navigator, and Jheron as Carpenter. Sandra Quinn tended to the wounded, while Teech and Fae rallied the rest of the crew to keep the ship upright during the storm they found themselves in.

Wounded from the fight to take control of the ship and exhausted from their efforts to keep the ship afloat from the massive storm, the group was just about to relax as the sun came up, when a commotion below decks drew their attention. Fae, Xorlox, and Jheron went below to see Sandra Quinn and Rosie being carried down to the lower hold by Grindlylows. Fae, Jheron and Xorlox each killed one quickly before the small abberations could react, but soon found themselves facing off against one each. Fae and Xorlox ended up prone from the Grindlylows tentacels as Jheron managed to kill another one with an arrow.

As Teech rallied several pirates above deck to help out, Fae was stabbed through the chest by a Grindlylow spear and dragged towards the stairs to the lower hold. Xorlox couldn’t kill his opponent because he kept being tripped. Jheron tried to stop the Grindlylow from getting away with Fae, as Teech came down the stairs with backup. Xorlox’s opponent pinned him to the floor and would have bit his throat out except Jheron managed to distract him with a well placed arrow while, Teech finished it off. The former merchants turned pirates, ran over to the stairs and grabbed on to Fae to keep the Grindlylow from taking her below deck.

With acrobatic skill, Xorlox jumped down on the Grindlylow from above, but failed to injure him. Jheron tried to fire down at the Grindlylow on the stairs but hit the stairs instead as Teech followed Xorlox’s lead and leapt on to the stairs above the Grindlylow to block it’s tentacles from getting to Fae. As it tried to trip Xorlox, it fought off Teech, Xorlox and Jheron, while trying to find a way of escape. It finally succeeded in tripping Xorlox and leapt on him to bite him, when Jheron managed to kill it with an arrow through the head.

Xorlox untangled himself from the monster to get downstairs to try to save Sandra Quinn and Rosie. However all he found was the body of a former merchant in the forward bilges, and a trail of blood leading out into the ocean outside. At that moment, Solaruus Grakkor looked up in time to notice land appearing out of the dark in front of them and despite a valiant effort, the could not stop the ship from hitting the coral reed surrounding the land. As he was thrown in the air, Solaruus saw Sandra being taken below water by the Grindlylows.

Teech, Jheron and Xorlox raced to the upper deck where they found Solaruus injured from the crash. As Jheron pointed out the direction the Grindlylows were headed, Solaruus ran over to the jig to start untying it to go after the Grindlylows and rescue Sandra. Teech tried to stop him by insulting his grandfather. At the same time, the former merchants brought the critically wounded Fae to the Captain’s quarters, where Conchobar found and healed her, only to brag how she needed his superior skills to survive.

With her knowledge of Grindlylow behavior, Faw managed to to convince Solaruus to wait long enough for them to heal, rest and recover before heading out after the Grindlylows. While they recovered, Teech took stock of the damage to the ship and found a massive hole in the lower hold of the ship, plus the main water container was damaged, leaving the crew with only a few days of fresh water and low on supplies after the Grindlylow attack.

That afternoon, the group set out with Conchobar and Crimson in the jig headed toward some building seen in the distance. They found a deserted fishing village whose population was killed off by the Grindlylows. After exploring the village they realized that the only way to find the Grindlylow caves was to head further inland, into the swamp visible on the horizon.

OOC: Earned 240 XP

Mutiny on the Man's Promise
Session 9

The morning dawned on the the crew’s first day onboard the recently captured Man’s Promise. As the crew assembled on deck for work assignments, they were told by Captain Mr. Plugg and First Mate Scourge that things will be more disciplined onboard the Man’s Promise than on the Wormwood. All punishments that would have resulted in the rope bash before will now receive a lashing from the cat-o-nine-tails. Also, there will be no pirate entertainments or gambling allowed on board, as well as a curfew enforced on the crew at night.

Sandra and Tilly are billeted in the Officers’ Quarters with Captain Plugg’s most loyal crew, while the PCs and their allies are placed in the general crew quarters below. The PCs are given the same unappealing work assignments as on the Wormwood, which are made only harder by the fact the small crew is manning a much larger vessel.

Jheron noticed that the ship changed direction on the second day. Several of the PCs allies approached them throughout the day to see if they had heard about a meeting Plugg held the night before. That evening Sandra approached the PCs to tell them that Plugg held a meeting to take control of the vessel, change course for someone where else and to get rid of any troublemakers before they arrived at their new destination. The PCs agreed that they would keep their eyes open for anything further but that everyone should be on the lookout for signs of trouble. Shortly after that Tilly arrived to tell them that Plugg had told her that she was obligated to provide him comfort, which she rejected with her boot heel.

The next morning Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop speculated that sthey were heading toward Rickety Squibs, to have Rickety Hake to squib or alter the ship’s structure to hide its identity. Later that day, Teech Blackfyre attempted to turn Ratline into an ally but gravely insulted her instead, causing her to stab Teech.

Teech retaliated and soon the two were involved in a knife fight on the deck of the ship. Jheron, swabbing the foredeck, ran to help Teech out and called Fae’s attention to the fray while he moved towards the conflict at the mainmast. Teech managed to knock Ratline unconscious, but not before Scourge ordered her seized for attacking Ratline. As Crimson Cog and a former Rahadoumi merchant moved to seize Teech, Jheron threatened the temperamental pirate while Fae animated a rope to tie up Scourge.

Teech took advantage of the events to attack Scourge to try to eliminate him as a threat. Fae ordered Rosie to help out while, Crimson, shaken from Jheron’s threats, ran below deck to warn Mr. Plugg and the rest of the Officers about Teech’s mutiny. However, he was met by Solaruus Grakkor, Sandra Quinn, Tilly, Tibbs, Scrimshaw Jack and Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop who was attacked by Shivikah. While most of them tried to stop Shivikah, Tilly ran below to the bilges to notify Content Not Found: xorles of the mutiny. In the background, a storm was developing around the ship.

On the main deck, Scourge escaped the ropes and deflected attacks from Teech Blackfyre and Jheron, while Conchobhar attacked Fae with a spell. Most of the former merchants decided to stay out of the fight with one of the going so far as to stabilize Ratline and move her out of the combat. The combined efforts of Solaruus Grakkor and their other allies on the mddle deck managed to subdue Shivikah, when Crimson joined the conflict. Content Not Found: xorles rushed to help out, while Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop collected equipment from the crew lockers.

After ignoring Conchobhar’s spells and an attack by Barefoot Samms from the rigging, Fae managed to convince one of the merchant’s that Plugg would kill most of the crew once the ship reached its new destination. Meanwhile, Scourge managed to get around Teech Blackfyre, Jheron and Rosie, while Plugg charged out of the Captain’s Quarters with Owlbear. Plugg fired a crossbow at Teech, Owlbear charged over and surprisingly swung at Barefoot Samms instead of Fae. Most of the combatants did not notice the wind picking up or the first drops of rain.

Below decks, Crimson surrendered to Solaruus Grakkor and Content Not Found: xorles while Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop started arming the mutineers with better equipment and weapons. At that moment, Teech jumped off the Aft deck to attack Mr. Plugg, but was cut down by the new captain with a blow to her spine. Master Scourge also got a lucky blow on Rosie, forcing her to fall back to the sterncastle.

With Owlbear occupying Barefoot Samms, Fae moved in to back up Teech and attack Plugg. At the same time, Content Not Found: xorles led most of the crew from below decks to help out with the remaining enemies on the top deck. As Plugg dodged attacks from multiple people, Scourge was moving toward the cutter tied to the starboard side, when Rosie stepped up and launched a ballista bolt through his stomach and propelling him into the sea, lightning crackling down around him.

Owlbear took out Barefoot Samms, while the merchants started attacking Conchobhar and Sandra Quinn and Fae moved in to revive Teech Blackfyre. Eventually, Mr. Plugg was knocked out by Owlbear and Conchobhar surrendered rather then be killed in the rigging. As the mutineers cheered for their victory, the storm was upon them…

720 XP for each PC. Because of the approaching storm there was no time to collect treasure beyond the masterwork handaxe from Scourge and masterwork cat-o’-nine-tails, light crossbow with 9 bolts, +1 tidewater cutlass, amulet of natural armor +1, bracers of armor +1 and shackles of compliance taken from Mister Plugg before his body was dumped in the water.

Capturing the Man's Promise
Session 8
Xorlox was sentenced to be keelhauled for killing two shipmates and was placed in the sweatbox. He and Jheron survived 8 hours in the sweatbox and were both let out when Maheem the lookout announced he had spotted a merchant ship andCaptain Harrigan ordered the Wormwood to pursue the merchant vessel, later identified as the Man’s Promise.

Riaris Krine assigned Solaruus Grakkor to lead a boarding party consisting of Jheron, Rosie, Sandra Quinn, Teech Blackfyre, and Xorlox to capture and secure the sterncastle of the merchant vessel. Fae was ordered to stay onboard to guard the Wormwood.

As the Wormwood closed on the merchant vessel, the Man’s Promise crew fired at the pirate ship with heavy crossbows and a couple of ballistae. In return the Wormwood crew fired back with their own bows while Peppery Longfarthing began casting fog cloud spells to impede the Man’s Promise defenders. Jheron, Teech Blackfyre and Sandra Quinn fired back at the merchants, drawing fire and taking a few hits themselves. A ballista shot hit the aft rigging, wounding Maheem and knocking him into the water. Maheem’s wounds drew the attention of a large shark.

As the ships closed to boarding range, Teech Blackfyre led the group in grappling and boarding the Man’s Promise. Most of the others followed except for Solaruus Grakkor who lost his grip and fell into the water. Teech Blackfyre drew the attention of several defenders, allowing most of the others to board without issue.

Meanwhile, the shark attacked the bleeding Maheem, taking off his left leg while Maheem only wounded his aquatic attacker. But thanks to the rigger drawing the shark’s attention, Solaruus Grakkor managed to climb onboard the merchant vessel without additional problems.

After securing the boarding site, the group moved on to take the aftdeck and the sterncastle. During the fight, Teech Blackfyre and Xorlox both noticed an enemy sneaking up on Barnabas Harrigan and called out a warning. The Captain easily overcame the opponent and nodded his thanks back at the 2 pirates. As the group continued to defeat more of the defenders, an explosion rocked the merchant vessel.

Teech Blackfyre questioned whether they should return to the Wormwood, but Peppery Longfarthing said they needed to hold the sterncatle. A few seconds later, Peppery’s order made sense as several merchants attempted to take the portside boat. Thankfully, Teech Blackfyre was standing by that boat, requiring them to get pass her to escape the ship. Teech Blackfyre, Rosie and Xorlox managed to disable several of them, but one jumped into the boat. Teech Blackfyre cut the rope securing the boat to the Man’s Promise, dumping the wounded merchant into the shark infested water.

Shortly after this fight, Barnabas Harrigan arrived back on the maindeck, holding a human heart that he announced belonged to the captain of the Man’s Promise. Most of the remaining merchants surrendered except for one officer who rushed for the starboard side boat and managed to escape. With that, the pirates claimed the Man’s Promise.

In thanks for saving his life, Barnabas Harrigan gave Teech Blackfyre an amulet of natural armor +1 and rescinded his order to keelhaul Xorlox. He also congratulated the boarding party for quickly securing the sterncastle and taking so many sailors alive, rewarding them with extra portions of the plunder. With two ships, Barnabas Harrigan announced that most of the Rahadoumi merchants would crew the Wormwood while Mr. Plugg would take command of the Man’s Promise, crewed by most of the Wormwood’s sailors, with Master Scourge as first mate. Mr. Plugg would sail the Man’s Promise to Port Peril to be sold.

With only a few minutes to gather their gear, the group made some last minute purchases from the quarter master before boarding the Man’s Promise.

OOC: Everyone earned 680 xp each, and 250 gp.

Lines Drawn in the Rigging- And Then Crossed!
Session 7

September 2013 session

The death of Narwhal had a polarizing effect on most of the non-officers, causing most of them to choose sides with either the party or Narwhal’s former companions. Captain Plugg seems to start taking a personal interest in the party and assigns them to permanent tasks on the ships, most of which are ill-suited to the character’s strengths. Teech is assigned to hoisting and lowering the sails, usually by herself. Fae is charged with hauling rope from one side of the ship to another. Jheron is offended to find himself assigned to deck swabbing and Solaruus is confused as to how he ended up as a message runner. Xorlox seems to be quite happy with his assignment to the bilges. After a mostly successful, if somewhat tiring day, spent toiling at their new tasks, the party tries to solidify their standing with the last few neutral crew members. Solaruus asks Tilly to talk to Barefoot Samms Toppins, which Tilly agrees to do.

The next day is spent on the same tasks, but Jheron manages to talk with Giffer Tibbs, finding out about her former life as a flower girl who was engaged to a merchant, until she had the misfortune of picking the wrong tavern to find a wedding singer. She was pressganged much like the party, but on a different ship. She got into a fight with another pirate on that ship, which is how she lost her eye.

Xorlox spent the day in the bilges with Fipps, the wannabe dwarf. After Fipps mentioned how Sly would cut off his face, Xorlox used his aggressive pleasantness to drive him batty, to the point where he was deemed unfit for duty the next day. Aretta, Jape and Sly all took offense to this and confronted Xorlox that night before dinner. Before leaving they hinted that something bad would happen the next day.

Meanwhile, Solaruus went looking for Tilly and was told by Rosie that she was taken below by Sandra, after she was beaten up by Jape and Shivika. Solaruus began to watch Jape closely for an opportunity to attack him.

While Teech went to sleep off the fatigue from her long day raising and lowering the sails, Jheron checked on his bow and was told by Jack Scrimshaw that it would be ready soon, but that he did not want anyone to find out about what he was doing, since tensions were mounting.

Fae talked with the Grok the quartermaster and was told that whatever was in the chest that Narwhal tried to open had gotten many people killed and would mostly likely lead to the deaths of others as well. Grok warned Fae not to count on the Captain for too much, as he was as likely to kill her himself if she got in his way.

Xorlox found Solaruus and mentioned the threat from Aretta and the others. While talking, he realized the half-orc appeared to be acting like a young hunter after his first big kill. Meanwhile, Fae stopped below decks and found Sandra treating Tilly. After assisting with tending to the beaten woman, Fae decided that it would be better if all of their allies stayed close as much as possible and headed up to get the rest of their allies to head to bed.

She runs into Xorlox, who warns her about the next day’s possible threat and Solaruus. She runs up on deck and runs into Rosie and Badger at the top of the stairs, in time to hear Solaruus talking with Jape, in what they guess to be orc. In fact, Solaruus was insulting Jape’s parents and his orcish pride, all while speaking in a conversational tone. Fae tried to get Solaruus to come below, stating that Tilly was asking for him. While Solaruus was deciding whether to go check on Tilly, his insults provoked Jape, who tried to charge Solaruus, but slipped in water and slid into the barrel of grog instead. Mr. Plugg, the officer on duty, ordered everyone below deck.

The next day, most of the officers seemed to be keeping an eye out for trouble and were trying to separate the rivals as much as possible. Even then, Jheron managed to provoke Shivikah with a comment about her slave work ethic, which got him time in the box. However, it was in the bilges where things came to a head. Scourge tried to confiscate Xorlox’s club before he went down to the bilges, but Xorlox managed to bluff him into thinking it was a cleaning implement. This saved his life as he realized his bilge-mates, Jape and Sly, both had hidden daggers on them.

Sly started the trouble, stating that they did not believe in the pirate code and that they would take care of troublemakers however they could. She threw a dagger, which Xorlox dodged while casting a spell on his club, while Jape took up position blocking the ladder up. Xorlox managed to knockout Sly with one well placed hit of his club, but had a harder time with Jape. After taking a couple minor cuts from Jape’s dagger, Xorlox managed to critically injury the half-orc. While running upstairs to find an officer to report the incident, Jape succumbed to his injuries and drowned in the fetid water of the bilges. Finding Grok, he returned down to the bilges with the quartermaster, who began to search the water for the code-breakers. While Xorlox tried to prolong the search for Sly, Grok acknowledged that she knew what he was doing and hoped that he had a good story ready for the captain.

OOC: Entire party made it to level 2.

Treachery and Thieves!
Session 6

August 2013 Session Notes

Sandra Quinn hid a poisoned Teech in the middle hold to try to treat her. Meanwhile the rest of the party was sent to search the ship for whomever tried to break into the captain’s quarters. While searching near the middle hold, they found Narwhal in the quartermaster’s office, trying to break into a steel box.

When Scourge showed up to take charge of the situation, the party realized that Scourge did not seem surprised to see Narwhal there and suspect that Scourge actually sent Narwhal to break into the box. Fae ran to the top deck to notify the captain about Narwhal and mentioned her suspicions about Scourge.

Sandra called out for help at this point and claimed that she found Teech wounded and Teech then blamed Narwhal for her injuries. The Captain ordered Narwhal to be put in the sweatbox for the night.

The next day all of the party except Teech, were trained on boarding maneuvers by Riaris Krine. Contrary to all expectations, Solaruus was the first to make it from the jolly boat across grappling hook lines to the Wormwood. Xorlox followed right after but Fae and Jheron both had difficulties with the exercise. That night Narwhal was keelhauled during the bloody hour.

Reefclaws and Traps
Session 5

Feb. 2013 Session Notes
After working through the night of the storm, the party was told that they would also have to complete a full day’s work the next morning (Day 9). That night the entire crew slept without issue.

A couple of days later, the party along with Rosie were ordered to shore to collect some crabs for the captain. While trying to fill their crab pots, they were attached by a couple of reefclaws. Through might of fists and magic, the party overwhelmed killed the reefclaws and returned them to the ship. The captain rewarded them for such a large bounty and the crew feasted well that night. During the festivities Jheron talked Jack Scrimshaw into crafting a bow for him from some wood scraps.

The next night, while much of the crew was taking part in pirate entertainments, Teech tried to sneak into the captain’s quarters, but failed to spot a trap and was poisoned.Sandra Quinn showed up in time to help get her down below decks while the captain ordered a search of the ship for the person who tried to break into his quarters.


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