Cayden Cailean

Cayden Cailean is the god of ale, bravery, freedom and wine. Known as one of the Ascended, a mortal man who became a god after passing the grueling tests of the magical Starstone. Three days after entering the Cathedral of the Starstone on a drunken dare, the former good-natured sellsword emerged a living god, baffled and slightly amused that he had survived tests that thousands others had not.

Cayden Cailean behaves to similiarly to when he was a mortal: he continued to fight for just causes, sample various drinks, and avoid things he didn’t want to do. Thus he became the patron of brave souls, alcoholic spirits, and the freedom to choose your own path in life.

Devanor Ondovir is a cleric of Cayden Cailean.


Cayden Cailean

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