The Barnacle's Revenge Campaign

A Queen and her Whale

Session 13

The party entered the central cave of the Rip Tide Cove and were confronted by the Brinebrood Queen of the grindylows and her abnormally large sized son, the Whale. They had been feeding off Rosie and Sandra and had them hanging from the ceiling of the large pool like chamber with silver ingots tied to their arms and legs. As the party entered, the Brinebrood Queen told them that their companions would be punished for the “fleshlings invading her domain” and then cut the bonds holding their missing companions, forcing them into the water to drown.

Xorlox, Solaruusand Jheron, who were standing on the edge of the cave floor right beside water, were attacked by the Whale, who tried to eat Solaruus, but missed. Solaruus used his half-orc strength to jump over the Whale and land in the water behind the large grindylow. He swam towards Sandra and Rosie to rescue the drowning pirates. The Brinebrood Queen pulled out a wand and summoned an octopus revealing her to be a spellcaster of some kind. While Xorlox enchanted his mace and Jheron pulled out his box, Teech leapt onto the back of the Whale and began slashing at it. Fae moved up to starting hindering the monster from the front. Crimson moved up from the rear to fire at the Queen, but missed. Rosie and Sandra both sank down in the water.

Jheron fired a shot at the Queen, managing to bypass her defensive spells, but made himself the target of the Whale’s rage. With one gulp of his large mouth, the Grindylow abomination swallowed Jheron whole. Solaruus dove under water and managed to free Sandra’s hands. But then he was grappled by the octopus at the Queen’s command. Having finished his enchantment to his mace, Xorlox used the hardened wood to hit the Whale on the nose, dislodging Jheron’s body from the aberration’s mouth. Teech took advantage of the creature’s pain to continuing slashing at its back. Fae and Crimson both tried to help but to failed to hit. Sandra tried to free herself from her leg shackles but could not cut through the tight sinew and seaweed bonding her to the silver weights. Rosie continued to drown as her body was carried along on the tide pool currents, running into the Octopus who was startled into letting go of Solaruus.

While Jheron’s bleeding body began to drift under water, the Whale flung himself backward against the wall of the cave, causing damage to Teech but not knocking him off. Solaruus grabbed hold of Rosie, swam down to Sandra’s legs and released her bonds. The Queen then turned her attention to Teech by throwing her harpoon at the half-elf, sinking the weapon deep into her body and telling her to get off her son. Then to everyone’s surprise, the harpoon slid back out of the pirate’s body and back into the hands of the Queen. Xorlox dove into the pool and landed a final blow on the Whale, killing it with a mighty blow. Teech manged to leap off the back of the dead grindylow and then swam towards the Queen. She was shocked when her rapier failed to pierce the creature’s toughened skin. Fae jumped in after Jheron, pulling him out of the water and using a healing scroll on him. Crimson fired at the octopus but missed. Sandra casting a healing spell on Rosie and then helped to free her from her bonds.

Jheron, now conscious but still badly injured, was dismayed to find his bow had remained in the body of the Whale and pulled a dagger out to fight with. Solaruus cut the last of the bonds off Rosie’s body then returned to the surface to breath in air. The Queen moved in close to Teech and impaled the half-elf on her harpoon, claiming vengeance for her son’s death. Removing the weapon from the dying pirate, the Queen jetted across the pool and exploded out of the water to land next to Crimson. She knocked the surprised pirate into the pool and made her escape. Xorlox rescued the dying Teech and her weapons, then Sandra managed to stabilize her wounds.

After searching through the chamber, the group made their way out of the caves to find a dingy from the ship had made its way around the island to pick them up. They returned to the ship to heal their wounds, then made a last foray onto the island to collect those items that were too large to carry with them across the island. Then the crew set sail for Rickety Squibs, to modify the Man’s Promise to become their new pirate vessel.

Teech is elected Captain of the new pirate crew, with Fae as her first mate. Solaruus becomes the Ship’s Navigator, Xorlox the Master at Arms, Jheron the Ship’s Surgeon. Fishguts remains as the ship’s cook.


IAM NOT A SLAVE! …ooooo, who is SHE?? -Solaruus

A Queen and her Whale

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