The Barnacle's Revenge Campaign

Booty and bodies

Session 30

Party level hits 7

After defeating Krelloort, the Crew travelled through a tunnel found underneath his throne, depositing them in a treasurer vault. Confronted with a iron-banded chest and a stone chest with a lead seal, the party had to choose which to open first. After some investigation, the party opened the iron-banded chest first, discovering several magical items and that the chest was a captain’s locker. Included in the items was a scroll of Floating Disk, which Solaruus Grakkor used to take the Captain’s Locker with you. After the rest of the party returned to the throne room, Teech opened the stone chest with the lead-seal and found a trap that she disabled.

After storing the stone throne in the captain’s locker, the group ventured back up to the top level to search the last passage in the upper portion of the underwater caves. The group was surprised to find the passage led to an above water cave where Isabella “Inkskin” Locke lived while held in captivity by Krelloort. They also found the cavern overgrown with vines bearing tiny violet flowers that filled the room with a cloying fragrance. When Teech moved further into the room, she was overcome by the soporific pollen and collapsed to the floor in a slumber.

Xorlox identified the vines as xtabays and knew they were dangerous to anyone who got too close to their pollen. To prevent himself from being overcome, the druid summoned fire elementals to defeat the plants. Solaruus tried to revive Teech, but was soon overcome himself when a xtabay moved too close and knocked the half-orc out. The closest xtabay dragged itself towards the unconscious pirates, and started to bury its roots into Teech to drain her lifeblood.

While his fire elementals burned through the xtabays at the back of the cavern, Xorlox created water to wake up his shipmates. Solaruus barely stirred from the water, but Teech woke up enough to cut through the roots digging into her, damaging but not killing the plant. Unfortunately, when another plan moved towards the fallen pirates, Teech succumbed to the soporific pollen again.

Soon, the fire elementals destroyed the plants and ruined much of the wooden furniture in the room. However, it did leave behind a wand of web hidden in the bed and a small coffer holding several potions of cure moderate wounds. Teech, Xorlox and Narissa drank the potions to heal their wounds, but Teech was still suffering the ill effects of the blood draining.

The party determined that the only exit must be hidden deeper in the sahaugain lair. After traveling back through the larder, Xorlox, shifted into the form of a water elemental, peeked into the next chamber. He found several sharks swimming around in what appeared to be a corral. He also felt drawn to a corner of passage opposite the sharks, where after some searching, the shapeshifter found a button. After reporting his findings to the Crew, Teech decided to check out the secret passage, thinking it was a hidden exit.

Teech swam down the passage and hit the button, opening a hidden passage. However, the opening of the passage alerted the sharks, who attacked the Crew. Despite being hampered by the water in the cavern, the Crew quickly finished off the sharks before moving into the secret passage. Teech, Xorlox and Fae all felt drawn toward the passage, which confused Solaruus who did not feel the same pull towards the fracture in the wall. Instead of an exit, it revealed a dead end, with only an old ship anchor inside. Further inspection revealed a skeleton entangled in chains and tied to the anchor. Teech felt drawn to a necklace around the skeleton’s neck that glowed with a familar sickly green light.

Teech approached the skeleton to search it for traps but as she got close to it, a sickly green light flashed in its eyes but it suddenly sprang to life and with unnatural strength broke the chains binding it. The undead creature grappled Teech, pulling her close to the decaying flesh of its face. Before the others could react, the ancient mariner opened its mouth and pushed the cold water that drowned it into the lungs of the half-elf Captain before releasing her and moving toward Xorlox.

As Solaruus tapped into the aberrant energies of his bloodline and struck out at the creature, it tried to grapple the druid’s water elemental form, to little effect. Narissa, seeing her master under attack, swam forward and began to grapple the mummy instead. Fae, hindered by the currents in the room, started to sing a rousing battle hymn to help her shipmates. While the others were occupied with the undead creature, Teech struggled to breath through the putrid water in her lungs, but failed to cough the water out before drowning.

When the crew managed to defeat the undead creature, they were barely alive, but were soon rescued by a raiding party led by Sandra Quinn. She tried to revive Teech but was unable to reverse the effects of the ancient mariner’s final kiss. With sad hearts, the Crew returned to the The Barnacle’s Revenge and make their way back to Tidewater Rock.



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