The Barnacle's Revenge Campaign

Disappearance at the Witchlight Inn

Session 19

The Crew arrives at Bloodcove, a small port city built on the roots, trunks and branches of huge mangrove trees. Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop directs Solaruus Grakkor to steer the The Barnacle’s Revenge to the docks at Warehouse Row.

There they are met by Tesha Umbertine, the Dockmaster of Bloodcove, who asks Teech Blackfyre for information about their ship, and purpose in Bloodcove. After docking, Teech leads the officers and Clyde towards the Witchlight Inn, a prominent inn in Warehouse Row. Moss hangs from the inn’s eaves and glimmers in moonlight, giving the inn the eerie appearance from which it takes its name. Fishguts recommends the Inn and states the rumors about the Inn are not true and no one has disappeared on any of his stays.

Soon the Revenge’s Crew is seated at a table by a mouthy waitress. After serving everyone their drinks (Withlight ales for the Captain and Navigator, Elven wine for Fae, Orc’s Balls for Xorlox and water for Jheron and Clyde, the waitress left to get their food. A handsome half-elf stopped by the table and introduced himself as Devanor Ondovir, a traveling storyteller. He asks for tales of their recent adventures, and after permission from Teech, Fae recounts their exploits on Bonewrack Isle with the Brinebrood Queen.

Soon the officers get tired and start to go to bed. Devanor escorted Fae up to her room, with Xorlox and Narissa following soon after. Teech made arrangements for room and board for the officers, while Clyde and Jheron went up to sleep. Teech was escorted up to the Captain’s accommodations, leaving Solaruus at the table, falling asleep. The last thing he felt before passing out was clawed hands gripping his shoulders.

The next morning, Fae woke up to Devanor knocking at her door. She asked him if the Elven wine was normally so potent, and he replied that the previous night was the first time that he had been left with a hangover. Fae grew suspicious and went to check on the other officers. Clyde and Jheron were both in their rooms, experiencing similar after effects, but Xorlox’s room was empty like it had never been slept in.

Devanor followed Fae downstairs where she questioned the barkeep to find that the barmaid had told him that the half-orc and the snake guy would be returning to their ship and would not need rooms. Worried about her shipmates, Fae decided to head back to the ship to find Solaruus Xorlox. Clyde and Jheron soon followed after they were told that Fae had headed back to the ship.

Xorlox woke up to snoring. He was chained to a wall in a dark room, with only the small flames of a cooking fire providing faint illumination. Xorlox spotted Narissa asleep in a cage by the fire. Xorlox tried to force his chains open but could hardly budge them. After a few moments, Xorlox recognized the snoring belonged to Solaruus and woke him up. Solaruus asked what was going on, and Xorlox told him what he knew.

While they were talking, they heard the sound of scales sliding over stone. A hissing voice told them they were here on the orders of “Mother”, Solaruus to receive a gift from their mother and Xorlox because he had killed the Whale. The voice identified itself as Jolissess.

Teech woke up and found out his crew had left for the ship looking for 2 of the officers. Teech traveled to the ship to find Fae had left looking for the missing crew and Jheron and Clyde had gone below deck looking for Xorlox and Solaruus. Teech told Rosie Cusswell that she was going shopping and that the crew could leave notes for her at the Witchlight Inn. Clyde and Jheron soon followed after, hoping to find Teech or Fae to help in the search for the missing crew.

Meanwhile Fae was looking for their missing friends with Devanor’s help. By gathering information in Free Trade Square, they learned that barmaid was named Krella and was the daughter, and only child, of the missing original owner of the Witchlight Inn and that she lived in Free Trade Square.

While looking for magic items, Teech ended up at the store of Mikail, a merchant of some repute, while talking about possible purchases, Mikail gave Teech an offer for exclusive rights to sail the Revenge’s merchandise in Bloodcove. Teech took the contract to discuss with the rest of the officers later. While leaving the merchant’s store, she ran into Fae, Clyde and Jheron who were looking for the missing officers.

In their dark prison, Jolissess told Solaruus that his mother was actually Lamashtu, the Mother of Monsters. The naga reached into the pot on the stove and removed a purple clam shell that had opened in the flame. As she brought it closer, the captives realized that the shell held a purple pearl. With a quick motion the naga thrust the pearl at Solaruus’ forehead, where it merged with the half-orc. Solaruus began to have visions about his powers and other unknown scenes. As he began to become overwhelmed by the images, his last thought was an image of his mother. The naga then told the druid that he was her payment for delivering the Mother’s gift and then speared him with her tail, forcing her sleeping poison to reenter his system and causing him to pass out as well.

With the information about Krella’s apartment being in the area, Teech and Fae questioned nearby merchants about where she lived and Jheron and Clyde used the information to locate her home. Breaking down her door, they find her absent, so they search her place, finding an unknown holy symbol. Clyde calls on Gorum to detect magic, and locates an illusionary wall. Behind the wall is a staircase leading down into the ground.

Following the stairs, the search party encounters several lizard men who claim to be working the “the Dark One” and attacks the group. However, the reptiles are soon overwhelmed by the officers, who move deeper into the underground chambers. After spotting their missing crew, they are attacked by Jolissess who uses a superior knowledge of arcane magic in conjunction with her poisoned tail to try to debilitate most of the group. During the fight, Solaruus regains consciousness and using a newfound mastery of his gifts to free himself from his bonds and then to attack the naga, defeating her.

They release Xorlox and Narissa from their bonds and then searched the naga’s nest, finding many useful and valuable items.



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