The Barnacle's Revenge Campaign

Krelloort's Revenge

Session 29

2,640 XP Earned

The crew continued their exploration of the sahuagin underwater tunnels. Leaving Gimpy and the rest of the sahuagin non-combatants in a room off of the feeding hall, the crew crept into the barracks area that Gimpy identified. Despite several sahuagin guards hiding in the seaweed in the barracks, Fae, Narissa, Solaruus, Teech, and Xorlox quickly clear out that room and the adjacent larder.

In his shark form, Xorlox crept into the next chamber, where he overheard a sahuagin woman crooning to a large group of sahuagin young. After reporting back to the others, the Crew charged into the room to confront the Matron. She called them pitiful pinklings, and told Solaruus that the whelp of the Mother of Monsters. Enraged, Solaruus unleashed a barrage of otherwordly energies on the woman, killing her. She fought hard, but was quickly overwhelmed by the Crew. As the Matron’s body floated to the floor, the sahuagin fingerlings and fry began to eat her. The Crew was so grossed out, that Fae killed all of them with a sound burst.

The Crew decided to head up to the “chamber forbidden to spineless sahuagin scum” in the hopes that it will lead to Krelloort’s throne room. However, the next room appeared to be the abandoned quarters of Krelloort’s dead son. The room was guarded by the great hammerhead shark that the son had raised, who tried to kill all intruders. Teech attempted to disguise herself as the son to fool the shark, but it tried to eat the Captain instead. The Crew made short work of the shark and moved on to the next chamber.

In that chamber Krelloort greeted them as the killers of his son and told them that he and his concubines would kill them and then conquer the The Barnacle’s Revenge. Fae ordered Xorlox to charge the sahuagin chief, but Krelloort and his lovers, were prepared for the attack and tore into the druid with their tridents. Krelloort’s trident even caused the area around it’s wound to calcify into coral.

Within minutes, the sahuagin had cut down Xorlox and turned their attentions to the other Crew. The crew fought hard, but Krelloort not only broke free of Narissa’s grapple but also knocked her out. However, the combined efforts of Fae, Solaruus and Teech took out the concubines and eventually felled Krelloort.

After reviving the druid and his companion, they searched the throne room and the adjoining bedchambers. The 8,000 pound stone throne caught their attention and after analyzing it with spells determined that it was cursed and would cause anyone of weak will who sat in the throne to be overcome by a lust for empire building. They also found a secret passage underneath the throne, possibly leading to the treasure hoard of the now deceased sahuagin emperor.



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