The Barnacle's Revenge Campaign

Manticore's Roar

Session 25

A few days after Jheron and Agasta Smythee were married, Captain Teech Blackfyre, First Mate Fae and Xorlox tried out the farglass that the Lady of Tidewater Rock gave as a dowry to her new elven husband. Teech did not have any luck with using the farglass, but Xorlox was able to see a Rahadoumi schooner a half day’s journey from Windward Isle. He noticed a few marines and a large cage on the upper deck.

Leaving Jheron to get acquainted with his new wife, the rest of the Crew boarded the The Barnacle’s Revenge to head after the merchant vessel. To surprise the Rahadoumi, Xorlox created a fog in front of the Revenge. Then the druid turned into an eagle and flew above the pirate ship, preparing to cast a spell while Teech ordered the crew to ready the catapults. When they were close enough to the other ship, Xorlox created a fog cloud on the other ship’s deck.

The crew opened the cage releasing a manticore into the air. The crew fought the manticore and defeated the crew of the vessel.



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