The Barnacle's Revenge Campaign

Mutiny on the Man's Promise

Session 9

The morning dawned on the the crew’s first day onboard the recently captured Man’s Promise. As the crew assembled on deck for work assignments, they were told by Captain Mr. Plugg and First Mate Scourge that things will be more disciplined onboard the Man’s Promise than on the Wormwood. All punishments that would have resulted in the rope bash before will now receive a lashing from the cat-o-nine-tails. Also, there will be no pirate entertainments or gambling allowed on board, as well as a curfew enforced on the crew at night.

Sandra and Tilly are billeted in the Officers’ Quarters with Captain Plugg’s most loyal crew, while the PCs and their allies are placed in the general crew quarters below. The PCs are given the same unappealing work assignments as on the Wormwood, which are made only harder by the fact the small crew is manning a much larger vessel.

Jheron noticed that the ship changed direction on the second day. Several of the PCs allies approached them throughout the day to see if they had heard about a meeting Plugg held the night before. That evening Sandra approached the PCs to tell them that Plugg held a meeting to take control of the vessel, change course for someone where else and to get rid of any troublemakers before they arrived at their new destination. The PCs agreed that they would keep their eyes open for anything further but that everyone should be on the lookout for signs of trouble. Shortly after that Tilly arrived to tell them that Plugg had told her that she was obligated to provide him comfort, which she rejected with her boot heel.

The next morning Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop speculated that sthey were heading toward Rickety Squibs, to have Rickety Hake to squib or alter the ship’s structure to hide its identity. Later that day, Teech Blackfyre attempted to turn Ratline into an ally but gravely insulted her instead, causing her to stab Teech.

Teech retaliated and soon the two were involved in a knife fight on the deck of the ship. Jheron, swabbing the foredeck, ran to help Teech out and called Fae’s attention to the fray while he moved towards the conflict at the mainmast. Teech managed to knock Ratline unconscious, but not before Scourge ordered her seized for attacking Ratline. As Crimson Cog and a former Rahadoumi merchant moved to seize Teech, Jheron threatened the temperamental pirate while Fae animated a rope to tie up Scourge.

Teech took advantage of the events to attack Scourge to try to eliminate him as a threat. Fae ordered Rosie to help out while, Crimson, shaken from Jheron’s threats, ran below deck to warn Mr. Plugg and the rest of the Officers about Teech’s mutiny. However, he was met by Solaruus Grakkor, Sandra Quinn, Tilly, Tibbs, Scrimshaw Jack and Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop who was attacked by Shivikah. While most of them tried to stop Shivikah, Tilly ran below to the bilges to notify Content Not Found: xorles of the mutiny. In the background, a storm was developing around the ship.

On the main deck, Scourge escaped the ropes and deflected attacks from Teech Blackfyre and Jheron, while Conchobhar attacked Fae with a spell. Most of the former merchants decided to stay out of the fight with one of the going so far as to stabilize Ratline and move her out of the combat. The combined efforts of Solaruus Grakkor and their other allies on the mddle deck managed to subdue Shivikah, when Crimson joined the conflict. Content Not Found: xorles rushed to help out, while Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop collected equipment from the crew lockers.

After ignoring Conchobhar’s spells and an attack by Barefoot Samms from the rigging, Fae managed to convince one of the merchant’s that Plugg would kill most of the crew once the ship reached its new destination. Meanwhile, Scourge managed to get around Teech Blackfyre, Jheron and Rosie, while Plugg charged out of the Captain’s Quarters with Owlbear. Plugg fired a crossbow at Teech, Owlbear charged over and surprisingly swung at Barefoot Samms instead of Fae. Most of the combatants did not notice the wind picking up or the first drops of rain.

Below decks, Crimson surrendered to Solaruus Grakkor and Content Not Found: xorles while Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop started arming the mutineers with better equipment and weapons. At that moment, Teech jumped off the Aft deck to attack Mr. Plugg, but was cut down by the new captain with a blow to her spine. Master Scourge also got a lucky blow on Rosie, forcing her to fall back to the sterncastle.

With Owlbear occupying Barefoot Samms, Fae moved in to back up Teech and attack Plugg. At the same time, Content Not Found: xorles led most of the crew from below decks to help out with the remaining enemies on the top deck. As Plugg dodged attacks from multiple people, Scourge was moving toward the cutter tied to the starboard side, when Rosie stepped up and launched a ballista bolt through his stomach and propelling him into the sea, lightning crackling down around him.

Owlbear took out Barefoot Samms, while the merchants started attacking Conchobhar and Sandra Quinn and Fae moved in to revive Teech Blackfyre. Eventually, Mr. Plugg was knocked out by Owlbear and Conchobhar surrendered rather then be killed in the rigging. As the mutineers cheered for their victory, the storm was upon them…

720 XP for each PC. Because of the approaching storm there was no time to collect treasure beyond the masterwork handaxe from Scourge and masterwork cat-o’-nine-tails, light crossbow with 9 bolts, +1 tidewater cutlass, amulet of natural armor +1, bracers of armor +1 and shackles of compliance taken from Mister Plugg before his body was dumped in the water.



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