The Barnacle's Revenge Campaign

Owlbear and Overboard Halflings

Session 4

Day 5 started as any other until after dinner when Mr. Plugg had Owlbear brought up and challenged Hogarth’s bravery by offering him 100 gp if he could win in a fight against Owlbear. The fight was supposed to be a barehanded fight, and things looked bad when Owlbear’s first hit staggered Hogarth. But Hogarth valiantly recovered and saw that Owlbear had poor sight on the left side and by standing over there, could better dodge his blows. After a few of Hogarth’s hits connected, Owlbear was was getting a little punch drunk. But Mr. Plugg had a trick up his sleeves, and Hogarth’s allies watched in horror as he threw a mace to Owlbear. Despite Owlbear being armed though, Hogarth managed to hit him in the face, knocking him back and knocking the fight right out of him. Mr. Plugg ordered Owlbear to keep fighting but Hogarth sensed that Owlbear was beaten and no longer wished to fight. Hogarth declared that he would not continue a fight against a beaten opponent, winning Owlbear’s friendship. Mr. Plugg tried to continue the fight but realizing he had no support from the rest of the crew, declared it over.

Day 6, saw Solaruus Grakkor make friends with Tilly Bracket while hauling rope on the deck. That night Jheron was beaten unconscious for failing to properly swab the deck while Conchobar performed another song about a female, half-elf bard who tried to juggle demon, dwarf and orc lovers at the same time. Grokk, Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop and others enjoyed the song, and Grokk became indifferent to Solaruus after he tried to interrupt her fun by having her open the quartermaster store. Xorlox gave Tilly money during a game of Heave with Narwhal’s gang and earned her friendship as well.

Day 7 started with heavy rain and a building storm. The voyage became so rough that Hogarth became sea sick, and Fae and Jheron had to fight to keep their food down. Jheron worked as a rat catcher and helped Badger Medlar out, earning her friendship. Solaruus manned the bilges alongside Sandra and Jack Scrimshaw. Asking about Jack’s wound from earlier earned Solaruus Jack’s friendship. Fae tried to make amends with Aretta Bansion but failed to change her mind about the heroes. Hogarth was given the day to talk to Grokk when Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop woke up with a hangover and wanted quiet in the galley. Bartering some items and gold found in the kitchen, Hogarth was able to retrieve Rosie’s fiddle from the quartermaster. He also talked to Grokk about the possibility of there being brandy on board that was not controlled by the Captain.

That night, Hogarth gives the fiddle to Jheron with instructions to return it to Rosie. When he does, Rosie becomes helpful to the heroes. Solaruus goes looking for Sandra but runs into Tilly instead. Very taken with the half-orc, the woman seduces Solaruus by saying even though this was not a slave ship, he had enslaved her heart and the two spent a short time in a jolly boat teaching Solaruus about humanoid mating rituals.

Day 8 started very early as the building storm finally hit the Wormwood. All of the crew were needed on deck and all of the heroes were assigned work in the rigging. Jheron worked with Badger on repairing the rigging and made her friendly. Fae was working in the upper rigging while trying to talk to Conchobar. Unfortunately her inattention to her duties but a sail at risk and Rosie was knocked overboard while trying to help fix the situation. Fae threw a rope to her while yelling out “Man overboard” but unfortunately was not strong enough to assist and Rosie slipped further and further from the ship. Xorlox though heard the shout and came to assist but trying to pull her in and calling for others to assist. Jheron and Solaruus arrived soon to help pull and Fae tried to climb down the mast to help pull Rosie back on board.

The rain and winds caused Fae to slip and fall to the deck below, taking some damage. Hogarth, hearing the commotion, took over for Solaruus and started to pull Rosie back to the ship. Solaruus tried to also climb down the mast to help Fae pull Rosie onboard but slipped and managed to catch himself on the mast. As Fae made it to the port side of the ship to try to spot Rosie, Hogarth, Jheron and Xorlox managed to pull Rosie closer to the ship. Solaruus, after slipping again off the mast, landed on the deck and went to help Fae pull Rosie on board. However, the wind and wet deck caused Fae to slip and slam into Solaruus, losing their grip on her. Thankfully, Rosie was able to grab the side of the ship and pull herself back on board.

Soon thereafter, the crew was allowed time on the deck to receive their dinner of sea biscuits and the news that they would all need to work through the night, until the storm passed.



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