The Barnacle's Revenge Campaign

Reefclaws and Traps

Session 5

Feb. 2013 Session Notes
After working through the night of the storm, the party was told that they would also have to complete a full day’s work the next morning (Day 9). That night the entire crew slept without issue.

A couple of days later, the party along with Rosie were ordered to shore to collect some crabs for the captain. While trying to fill their crab pots, they were attached by a couple of reefclaws. Through might of fists and magic, the party overwhelmed killed the reefclaws and returned them to the ship. The captain rewarded them for such a large bounty and the crew feasted well that night. During the festivities Jheron talked Jack Scrimshaw into crafting a bow for him from some wood scraps.

The next night, while much of the crew was taking part in pirate entertainments, Teech tried to sneak into the captain’s quarters, but failed to spot a trap and was poisoned.Sandra Quinn showed up in time to help get her down below decks while the captain ordered a search of the ship for the person who tried to break into his quarters.



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