The Barnacle's Revenge Campaign

Slaving the day away

Session 17

Following information gathered from the freed slaves of the defeated Truewind, the Crew tracks down a slaver den on Mohr Cay. Deciding to attack the slavers from land and sea, Xorlox leads most of the crew through the jungle while Teech Blackfyre, Fae, Jheron, Solaruus Grakkor, Clyde, Rosie Cusswell, and Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop rowed toward the slaver’s dock. Sandra was left in charge of a skeleton crew on the ship.

The Captain’s party was met with initial suspicion but after some tactful diplomacy, they were introduced to Haku, the leader of the Slaver’s den. He invited the party to a large pavilion for drinks, served by his elderly grandmother, Granny. Teech talks her way into inspecting the slaves to see which ones might suit their fake buyer. Clyde accompanies her to view the slaves.

Meanwhile Xorlox gets lost in the jungle and takes his party in circles. Finally figuring out the correct path they make their way towards the slavers’ den, but they are running much later than anticipated. While waiting for Xorlox’s group to arrive, Fae occupies Haku with ribald tales and Teech has Clyde assist her with knocking out their guide and freeing the slaves.

Granny takes offense to Fae’s stories and declares the negotiations finished. Haku argues with her, but she orders him to escort the group back to their ship. Despite Fae’s best efforts, Haku complies with Granny’s wishes, forcing Fae to attack him to prevent him from calling out more guards. Meanwhile, Teech and Clyde lead the slaves out of the slave pens, with the slaves arming themselves with the weapons from the dead guards.

While Fae leads her group in taking out Haku and his guards, they are surprised when Granny emerges from her hut to speed across the ground to knock Fishguts out with a single flurry of blows. Granny’s charge seemed to turn the tide against the pirates as guard dogs race out to hinder Jheron, while their human counterparts attack Rosie and Solaruus.

After killing the last of the slave pen guards, Teech rushes to help out at the pavilion, while Clyde chases after the slaves who run towards the Revenge’s cutter. Fae faces down Haku while most of the rest of the crew fights the guards and dogs. Jheron dodged around several of the dogs, while killing them with well placed arrows to the eyes and throat.

Clyde takes off with the slaves in the cutter but can’t convince them to row to the ship without arguing with them.

Solaruus emits viscous fluid which causes fear in several of the guards, forcing them to flee, straight into Xorlox and the rest of the crew arriving from the far side of the island. Fae manages to kill a guard attempting to stop her from killing Haku, while Granny knocks out several of the crew with deadly martial arts moves before heading after Jheron, whose arrows she easily deflects.

Between Xorlox’s reinforcements and the remaining conscious members of Fae’s team, the guards are mopped up, while Fae takes out Haku. Granny cries out at Haku’s death, then chugged a potion and disappeared.

After searching the village, the crew finds an altar to an unknown religion in Granny’s hut and correspondence from the Aspis Consortium that originated from Bloodcove in Sragava. The freed slaves agree to join the Barnacle’s Crew and the ship set sail for Bloodcove.



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