The Barnacle's Revenge Campaign

Squibs, Brawls and Nagas, Oh My!

Session 14

Lacking sufficient crew, it took the Man’s Promise 4 days to reach the Slithering Coast and Rickety’s Squibs estuary. Teech Blackfyre and Fae showed the Rickety Hake around the ship. He said it would take 2,000 gp and 8 days to complete the squibbing of the Man’s Promise into the The Barnacle’s Revenge. By selling all the ship’s Plunder, as well as most of the other treasure on the ship, plus Teech and Fae throwing in their own personal money into the deal, Hake was paid his money. He also offered to install a hidden compartment on the ship for an additional 500 gp. When the officers couldn’t pay for it, Hake offered to front the ship a loan for the compartment, with 50% interest due as shares of the ship’s haul, until the debt was paid. The officers agreed and the ship was towed into port for work to begin.

The crew were taken to the Commons, the local inn, where they were provided rooms for free but told they had to pay for their food, drinks and other supplies. Fae made friends with Chandra Bristlewick, the local druid, who told her about the drought they had been experiencing for several months, and how it had caused tensions between the village and the local naga population. Chandra had also been creating water to provide to the village farmers. Meanwhile, Teech had wandered over to a boisterous crowd centered on a human man named Clyde, who turned out to be a shipwrecked cleric of Gorum, who was saved by the village supply ship. Teech challenged Clyde to an arm wrestling contest, and when it was a draw, they began talking about Clyde’s future and came to terms for Clyde to join the ship’s crew. Solaruus Grakkor had wandered off with Sandra Quinn, while Jheron was touring the craftsman shops with Hake.

As afternoon turned to evening, Fae began to tell stories of the crews battles with the undead on Bonewrack Isle while Teech recruited some additional crew. Xorlox was enjoying a drink with Narissa, and most of the other crew had gone to bed. A drunk began bothering Clyde, who responded by shoving the man away. When the drunk fell into a table of his friends, all four of them jumped up to attack Clyde. Fae jumped off the stage to help out but missed her target, while Teech ordered the 3 new crew members to help out Clyde. With Fae and the new crew involved in the fight, a few other bystanders decided to jump in to help out the locals, forcing Xorlox and Teech to join the fray. After a few minutes, all the attackers had either been beaten unconscious or surrendered to the crew. The staff thanked the crew for not damaging any of the Common’s property. Fae gave money for the locals to pay for drinks on them, and then paid gold for the new crew. Clyde was told he would be serving in the bilges, once the ship left port.

The next morning, the crew received invitations from some of the locals, to join them for a game of nine pin, in thanks for not damaging the inn. After arriving at the dock, though, one of the locals was injuried and another knocked into the water, when a naga attacked. Apparently, driven mad by “drought rage,” the naga was lashing out at the village for taking her water. Xorlox tried to negotiate with the creature but it attacked him instead. While Fae and Clyde dried to rescue the local, Xorlox, Narissa and Teech engaged the creature. With the local rescued, Fae rushed to join the melee, while Clyde summoned a spiritual greatsword to attack the create from the water.

After a few tense moments of attack and counterattack, the naga dove back into the water where it was ultimately killed. Shortly after that, Hake arrived to thank the Crew for saving his men. To repay their bravery, he added a second hidden compartment to the Revenge for free.



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