The Barnacle's Revenge Campaign

The Bloody Trek to Bloodcove

Session 18

The Barnacle’s Revenge is heading toward Bloodcove on the Mwangi Coast, following the slavers’ of the Aspis Consortium to their headquarters. A few hours before sundown one night, Jheron spots a column of black smoke rising into the sky. Since the ship was out at sea, with no land in sight, the Crew determines it can only be a ship burning and decide to investigate.

Soon, the Crew can see a Chelish naval cutter has defeated a Shackles pirate ship. Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop tells the Officers that Chelaxians typically attack pirate ships, and then execute any surviving pirates by locking them below decks and setting the pirate vessel on fire. Teech Blackfyre orders the Revenge to approach the Chelish cutter with setting sun behind them so they can catch them unaware.

Solaruus Grakkor maneuvers the Revenge skillfully into place beside the cutter, catching them completely off guard. The Crew quickly grappled the Chelish ship, and the Officers lead the attack on the few marines manning the ship. Despite casualties among the Crew, they kill the marines and take Captain Cyvantris Tisserond of the Famished Mane captive. They quickly, send Crew over to the burning pirate ship and capture the remaining Chelish marines, and free the pirates. The pirates turn out to be the remaining crew of the former pirate ship Vorsfang, infamous for the bad luck that befalls its crew. All fourteen of them agree to join the crew of the Revenge.

Fishguts points out that there is now enough crew to man a second ship, and that they could ransom the Mane and her crew back to Cheliax through special brokers in Bloodcove. Solaruus, Jheron, Rosie and Fishguts serve as officers on the Mane with most of the Revenge’s Crew, while the Vorsfang crew mans the Revenge, under Xorlox’s guidance.

Several days later on the trek to Bloodcove, both ships spot a fishing trawler riding low in the water, heeling several degrees to port, obviously taking on water, with a fishing net dragging in the water on the starboard side. There is no sign of any crew.

Fae summons a dolphin to join Xorlox, also in dolphin form, in swimming over and investigating the ship. Circling the ship, the scouts find a breach in the hull on the port side and the dinghy on the stern is missing, indicating the crew possibly abandoned ship. However, on their way back to report to the ship, Xorlox spots a dinghy deep underwater and slowly sinking, with no crew on board. Teech suspects it is a trap but is convinced to send a party over to investigate the ship, since there might be something of value on board.

Most of the Officers on board the Revenge lead the search of the upper decks of trawler, finding signs of someone hurriedly removing signs of a battle. Suspecting a trap, the Crew splits up into fighting groups to traverse the stairs leading to the hull belowdecks. There they find four sahuagin lying in wait. After a short but intense battle, all but one is killed. At the end though, the last sahuagin calls out, “Krelloort will avenge us!” before biting a puffer fish spine and dies suffocating from the swelling of its throat from the effects of the poision.

After searching the bodies and gathering any usable supplies, the Crew scuttles the trawler further, to prevent it from being used as bait again. Fae wonders who Krelloort might be and how come they keep encountering their sahuagin.

A few days later, both ships reach the coastal city of Bloodcove.



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