The Barnacle's Revenge Campaign

The Dominating Barnacles

Session 23

To replenish the ship’s repaired water tank, the The Barnacle’s Revenge set out for a nearby island with a known fresh water spring at its center. Upon arriving at the island, the narrow Revenge easily navigated up a river and further inland. Upon reaching a narrowed delta at the mouth of the river, Captain Teech Blackfyre sent First Mate Fae to lead an expedition to retrieve the needed water. Fae took Jheron, Owlbear Hartshorn, Rosie Cusswell, Solaruus Grakkor, and Xorlox. The group easily maneuvered up a river to the water source and returned to the ship without incident.

However, on returning to the ship, they noticed birds retreating towards the center of the island, fleeing something that had entered the same cove the Revenge had left earlier that day. Xorlox turned himself into a parrot and flew towards the cove to find the cause of the birds’ distress. He found a massive four-masted Chelish warship called the Dominator had anchored in the cove, apparently seeking a safe harbor to dock for the approaching night.

After Xorlox reported the situation, Teech suggested they try to take the ship, but Xorlox convinced her this was a bad idea based on the number of Chelish marines he had seen onbaord. Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop provided another option. He explained how he and several other pirates had rowed up to a similiar man-o’-war and disabled the tiller by cutting the rope that moves it. It was agreed this was the best option, so Teech ordered Fae to leading the attack on the Dominator.

Fae, Jheron, Narissa, Sandra Quinn, Solaruus, and Xorlox quietly rowed the ship’s cutter up to the Dominator. Fae used her magic to send a rope up to the outcropping next to the windows of the tiller cabin and tie itself off. Jheron climbed up the rope and peaked in, just as the ship’s boatswain led a security patrol through the room. Hanging next to a window, Jheron had no where to hide when a marine came to check that the window was secured. The marine alerted the other 2 Chelish guards, however, with his quick wits, Jheron quickly pulled the surprised marine out the window, causing him to land in water next to the partiy’s boat.

Jheron proceeded to swing himself into the room, and launched arrows at the boatswain, who identified himself as Commander Kyan Kain. Fae, scurrying up the rope behind Jheron, ordered him to fire again, causing Commander Kain to challenge her before sounding the alarm. Xorlox and Narissa rushed to climb the rope to the tiller room, while Solaruus coldly caused the swimming Chelish marine to fall asleep and drown. Sandra pulled a grappling hook and rope out of her bag and quickly ascended to a second window, only to watch it be blocked by the addition of more guards.

As Jheron moved to block one of the tiller room doors, marines poured out of both entrances and began attacking him and moving to flank Fae while Commander Kain pulled a glowing battleaxe out and struck at Fae. Fae fought back with her own crossbow and hit Kain. Meanwhile, Solaruus summoned a fire bettle into the battle, which took the attention of some of the guards so they attacked it instead of Jheron. Xorlox climbed through the window, but Narissa got halfway in because of the crowd already in the room. Sandra kicked open the window in front of her and summoned a surge of water to knock Commander Kain back into the complex system of ropes and pulleys that controlled the tiller.

While Kain was tangled in the ropes, Jheron hit him again. Fae drank a potion of healing as marines started to target Solaruus from the upper deck . He fired back with magic missiles, killing one of the enemy bowmen. Xorlox and Narissa entered the combat, killing a marine. Seeing the room be overran with more marines, Sandra cast a spell that knocked out the marines, freeing the Crew up long enough to kill Kain and slice the rope keeping the tiller working.

While evacuating the Dominator, the Crew came under fire, and one marine tried to board the skiff. Solaruus shocked everyone by killing the wounded marine with a single spell. Soon the Crew cleared the Dominators’s bowmen and returned to the Revenge. Teech ordered the ship to depart after the others returned, and using the cover of a fog cloud, the ship quickly made it’s escape from the island their Chelish enemies.

A few days later, the Revenge came across a Sargavan galleon under attack by another pirate vessel, the Devil’s Pallor. Fishguts recognized the ship as belonging to the notorious slaver Captain Gortus Svard. The crew decided to reclaim the galleon from Svard and to take his ship as their own. With some expert maneuvering, Solaruus managed to use a feint to get in close to the pirate vessel.

While Teech manned the Revenge, the rest of the officers quickly attacked Svard, under the impression that Svard’s crew will surrender if their captain is captured or dead. After precision shots from Jheron’s bow, a geyser of air throwing him into the air that was summoned by Xorlox, and deadly magic missiles fired by Solaruus, Svard was dead before he or his crew could react. The Squallor’s crew quickly surrendered. After looting the plunder from the merchant vessel, Teech evenly split the Squallor’s crew with the crew of the Revenge and then took command of the Squallor with Rosie Cusswell as his first mate, and Clyde, Jack Scrimshaw and Ty Le filling in as the rest of the officers. Then both ships set sail for Tidewater Rock.

Plunder: Gained 2 points from Sargavan galley



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