The Barnacle's Revenge Campaign

Welcome to Mancatcher Cove

Session 27

2280 XP

Recovered from the attack on Tidewater Rock of Windward Isle. Deciphered the map from Isabelle Locke’s body and determined that it lead to Mancatcher Cove. After a week of travel, The Barnacle’s Revenge sailed into the blue waters of Mancather Cove just as twilight descended.

The Cove was surrounded by steep cliff walls, leading to a jungle covered isle. The ancient jungle trees and vines have grown so large as to span the hundreds of feet of the cove, creating a canopy of foliage that ran over the top of the ship.

Captain Teech, First Mate Fae, Ship’s Surgeon Jheron, and Armsmaster Xorlox heard something coming from the tiller. Xorlox jumped into the water and turned into a shark to investigate, while the other gathered at the rear of the ship to keep an eye out. Xorlox found several sahaugin sabotaging the tiller while their hammerhead shark mounts served as guards. The sharks attacked Xorlox and the crew quickly joined combat.

While concentrating on the attackers in the water, the crew was caught by surprise when a canopy creeper started grappling crew by the front of the ship. Those on the ship quickly turned to this new attacker. After employing the ballista, many spells, arrows and bolts, the crew managed to kill the plant attacker, while Xorlox protected the tiller from further attacks.

As deep night settled on Mancatcher Cove, the crew started to tend to their wounds and wondered if they would make it to morning, when they could start their hunt for the treasure indicated on the map.



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