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Famous people in the Shackles
Hurricane King
Kerdak Bonefist

Lore of the Shackles
Aspis Consortium
Deities of Golarion Mentioned In Game New
Free Captains of the Shackles

Places in the Shackles
Bonewrack Isle
Port Peril: Formidably Maid
Rickety’s Squibs
Tidewater Rock of Windward Isle

Ships in the Shackles
The Barnacle’s Revenge, formerly the Man’s Promise

Out of Character Stuff
Life on Board a Pirate Ship
Plunder and Infamy Subsystems
Disrepute, Infamy and Plunder Log
Character Creation
1. Follow rules at Character Generation Updated for starting above 1st level
2. Check out the Formidably Maid for information about your background to be ready for 1st session.
Leveling your characters is also covered at Character Generation

Recent Session Notes
Peering Through the Veil Session 20
Downtime in Bloodcove Session 21
Session 22
The Dominating Barnacles Session 23
Cracking the Rock Session 24
Manticore’s Roar Session 25

Main Page

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