A small city on the coast of the the deep unexplored jungle of the Mwangi Expanse, Bloodcove takes its name officially from the iron-rich waters that spill out of the Vanji River and stains the waters a blood-red color. Unofficially, the name refers to the blood the settlement’s wealth is built on. Bloodcove is unique in appearance as the entire city is built into and around the roots and trunks of one of the gargantuan mangrove trees that are found only along the Mwangi coast. The whole city is perched atop boardwalks and scaffolding that keep it out of the Fever Sea.

A major merchant hub, lots of ships and goods travel in and out of the docks every day. Much of that wealth stems from the large regional offices of the Aspis Consortium located at the western end of Corsair’s Way. All of the Consortium’s business throughout the Mwangi Expanse is routed through the Bloodcove headquarters before being whisked off to other areas.


Bloodcove is officially ruled over by just one man—The Grand Admiralty of the Fever Sea, currently Harthwik Barzoni. The Grand Admiralty is a position kept for life, it is elected from amongst the scions of the original pirate founders. While this sounds like an all-powerful position, in reality the Admiralty’s duty extends to little more than making sure that the lawlessness of the town doesn’t get in the way of the trading. To this end Bloodcove has a small force of poorly trained militia.

Locations in Bloodcove

Warehouse Row

The docks area known as Warehouse Row is one of the most important locations in Bloodcove. The rust-red waters that emerge sluggishly from the river here channel immense wealth, most of it looted from ancient tombs by treasure seekers or plundered from the land itself by loggers or miners eager to exploit the area’s bountiful natural resources. Tesha Umbertine, one of the rare dwarves in Bloodcove, serves as the Dockmaster and operates out of Warehouse Row.

The Witchlight

The Witchlight is a prominent inn on the Warehouse Row in the city of Bloodcove. The large and comfortable building is made of wood from the same twisting mangrove trees over whose roots Bloodcove stands. Moss hangs from the inn’s eaves and glow faintly in moonlight, giving the inn a strange ghostly appearance.

Free Trade Square

The famous Free Trade Square is the financial heart of the city of Bloodcove in the Mwangi Expanse. It sits on an elevated platform just north of Warehouse Row, looking down the harbor. Cargos of valuable Garundi raw resources are traded for gold, weapons, clothes and other riches by the traders of Bloodcove all day long in the square which never closes. Shacks, stalls, and more established shops ring the square. Although individual shops and stalls will close at predictable times, the Square itself is always open as new cargo enters every hour.

The Crone’s Eye

The Crone’s Eye is a shop specializing in magical items. It is ran by the seer Cassandra who can see into the past and future of customers.

The Conclave of the Bloody Badger

The Conclave of the Bloody Badger is a druid conclave hidden in the roots of the city. The halfling Florea is in charge of the conclave and is willing to trade services for assistance from visiting druids.


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