Character Generation

You are all limited to races, base classes, and equipment, from the Core Rulebook or the Skull and Shackles Player’s Guide. Anything else must be approved by me prior being used in the game.

Things to keep in mind for generating new character characters

1. Stats- Roll 4d6, drop lowest die. You may re-roll all "1"s rolled for each stat. Only roll 6 times total.
2. Keep in mind that you will all be pirates, with all the plundering and pillaging that normally entails. Therefore no Paladins or other Lawful Good characters will be accepted. I also will not allow Evil characters in the game. (Do not even ask about Drow, Gavin!)
3. Do not forget about the “Favored Class” details (Core Rulebook, p. 31). The extra hit points or skill points can can come in handy.
4. Leadership feat is not allowed. (You will already have a crew to order about- what more could y’all want?)
5. Current party level is 7th level, so make a character of this level
6. Archetypes and prestige classes must be approved in advance by me before you start your character. You can send me a message through here, at 940-735-1359 or at

Leveling characters


When leveling your characters, you may multiclass into other classes. Please provide some backstory for how this is happening. For example, maybe you spent time practicing to pick locks in your downtime, to prepare to take a level of Rogue. Or you might have talked to the party caster’s about spell casting and even practiced under one of them to learn a casting class. I just want some idea that you are spending some downtime learning these new skills and abilities before you just take a class.


Archetypes are a new mechanic to modify the existing base classes to give them a different flavor. These are provided in different Pathfinder sources and must be approved by Kerry in advance. Please note, when you select an archetype, you must take all of that archetype’s abilities when you level the associated base class. Also, you may have more than one archetype for the same class, granted that none of their abilities are substituting out for the same base class feature. For example, if 2 archetypes both substituted out for the Rogue’s trapfinding ability, than you could not have both archetypes, because you could only substitute one ability for that feature not 2. If you have questions, please ask me ahead of time.

Approved options from other sources

Ultimate Combat- Pirate archetype for Rogue (—-rogue-archetypes/pirate)

Character Generation

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