Deities of Golarion Mentioned In Game

Besmara- worshiped by many pirates and other sailors in the Shackles. Sandra Quinn is a cleric of Besmara.

Cayden Cailean- God of ale, bravery, freedom and wine. Commonly worshipped in the Shackles. Devanor Ondovir is a cleric of Cayden Cailean.

Gorum- God of battle, strength and weapons. Followers include mercenaries and soldiers. Clyde is a cleric of Gorum.

Groteus- God of the end times and devourer of worlds.

Lamashtu- Evil mother goddess of monsters and nightmares. Followers include monstrous races. The Brinebrood Queen became a follower of Lamashtu after the birth of her son the Whale. The Dark Naga Jolissess claimed that Solaruus Grakkor is the son of Lamashtu.

Deities of Golarion Mentioned In Game

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