Free Captains of the Shackles

The Free Captains of the Shackles are a council of pirate captains who lead different pirate fleets in the Shackles. The leader is Kerdak Bonefist, The Hurricane King who controls Port Peril and captains the Filthy Lucre, renowned for being one of the only ships in the Shackles outfitted with black powder cannons.

Other Free Captains who wield powerful influence on the council and runs a different port in the Shackles includes:

  • Tessa Fairwind, Mistress of Quent and captain of the Luck of the Draw. Rumored to be next in line for the Hurricane Crown.
  • Master of the Gales, a mysterious druid-captain who rules Drenchport and captains the Kraken. Has a giant squid for an animal companion.
  • Avimar Sorrinash, cruel lord overseer of Ollo and captain of the Blood Moon. Rumors abound that when the Blood Moon returns from a successful foray, Sorrinash and his werewolf crew are known to have celebratory hunts on Shark Island.
  • Disgraced Chelish Admiral Arronax Endymion leads a group of Chelish marines called the Devil’s Own from his flagship the Tyrannous.

Most Free Captains only own a single ship or possibly a small flotilla and are beholden to one of the more powerful pirate lords listed above.

Free Captain’s Regatta
To raise their stations, lesser Free Captains can enter the Free Captain’s Regatta, a grueling annual race among the most treacherous sandbars and reefs at the fringes of the Eye of Abendago. A 500 gp entry fee and possession of your own ship is required to participate in the Regatta. The course changes every year and many entrants do not finish or even survive the event. However, the rewards, the combined total of all entry purses, a seat on the Pirate Council, and and lord/ladyship of a small island or anchorage, draws many competitors each year. The last 5 years have not seen any changes to the Pirate Council, though, as the Master of Gales has one won each year.

It is considered good luck to have a Free Captain or a noble lady of good standing to christen a new vessel.

Free Captains of the Shackles

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