The Barnacle's Revenge

After taking command of the Man’s Promise and surviving their adventures on Bonewrack Island, the newly selected crew decided to rechristen the ship the Barnacle’s Revenge, since they were treated as barnacles under Captain Harrigan and his officers but would get their vengeance by becoming Pirate Lords in their own rights.

From Bonewrack Island, they head to Rickety’s Squibs to change the lines of the vessel so it would not be recognized as the former merchant vessel.

The Man’s Promise is a three-masted sailing ship 105 feet long and 30 feet wide. A minimum of 20 crew is required to sail her.

Locations on Ship:
Main Deck
Aft Deck
Ships Boats (one empty and one filled by junk)
Officers’ Quarters
Officers’ Storage (Starboard side has secret compartment)
Captain’s Cabin
Captain’s Storage
Middle Deck and Armory
Crew Berths
Cook’s Cabin
Main Hold
Secure Storage (has secret compartment)

Current Officers
Captain- Teech Blackfyre
First Mate- Fae
Master at Arms- Xorlox
Master Gunner- Rosie Cusswell
Quartermaster- Sandra Quinn
Ship’s Cook- Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop
Ship’s Navigator- Solaruus Grakkor
Ship’s Surgeon/Carpenter- Jheron

Current Crew 20/20

  1. Clyde- Swab
  2. Badger Medlar- Swab
  3. Giffer Tibbs- Swab
  4. Jack Scrimshaw- Swab
  5. Tilly Brackett- Swab
  6. Owlbear Hartshorn- Swab
  7. Chalisa- Rigger
  8. Wade Zelley- Rigger
  9. Wylie Jinx- Rigger
  10. Agnes Stone- Cook’s mate
  11. Lillian Combs- Rigger
  12. Gail “Cutthroat” Haul- Rigger
  13. Miranda “Black Eyepatch” Keys- Rigger
  14. Finn “Tall Tide” Blighty- Swab
  15. “Toothy Grin” Pimples- Swab
  16. Jonas “Red Locks” Sweet- Rigger
  17. Tobias “Tall Story” Skewers
  18. Thad “Cutlass Rattler” Goodwin
  19. Nick “Knuckles” Taryn


AC-2, Hardness 5
HP- 1,620 (sails 360)
Base save +6

Maximum Speed 90 ft (wind), Acceleration 30 ft
CMB +8, CMD 18
Ramming Damage 8d8

Propulsion Wind or current
Sailing Check skill Profession (sailor)
Control device steering wheel
Means of propulsion 90 squares of sails (3 masts)
Required Crew 20
Decks 3
Cargo/Passengers 150 tons/120 passengers

Target rules-
Slavers are good targets
Ships belonging to bigger merchant houses and governments
Smaller pirate ships
Fishing villages of Sargava or other douches

Ship Operations-
Officers will be split among shifts. Teech will be on main shift. Fae will be on secondary day shift. “sirs-not-appearing-in-today’s-film” will be on night shift.

The Barnacle's Revenge

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